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The Challenge

UltraSabers is a globally recognized manufacturer of movie-quality lightsabers for all ages. UltraSabers came to Power Digital Marketing with the primary goal of increasing Organic visibility and Organic Revenue while cementing their online reputation as the premier leader when it comes to high-quality custom lightsabers. The biggest challenge faced in this campaign was executing a strategy that would improve Organic activity for a site that is already at the top of a highly competitive industry. Being able to maintain positioning through the holiday season in a cut throat industry, in terms of competition, was a feat to conquer.

Additionally, with an influx in buzz on social media, top-tier media and industry related media sites surrounding the release of Star Wars Episode VII, we were challenged to find a way to position UltraSabers as a discussion leader in order to break through the clutter to engage new users and drive conversions.

The Strategy

As a well-known entity in the Cosplay and Star Wars fan base, UltraSabers faced a handful of
challenges associated with being at the top. With a target on their back and many competitors vying for their digital-space in, as well as powerful site and social metrics already in place, being able to build off previous success for them was truly a big hurdle to overcome.

Through dialing in baseline SEO factors, cleaning up the link profile, and creating an indexing strategy for their top tier category pages, we were able to pinpoint the highest value search terms with the most relevance. By focusing on non-branded keywords, we were able to introduce the brand to nearly 260% more new users.

Additionally, we deployed an online outreach and PR strategy targeting top-tier placements from some of the most authoritative websites in the industry. Not only did these placements play a huge role in improving overall keyword rankings, they also provided true Revenue through direct product sales.

On social media, we restructured the content strategy to reflect a forum-like atmosphere, rather than serving merely a vessel for forwarding information and news. By discovering the “hot topic” conversation starters that related to the UltraSabers products and connecting them to trending conversations happening in the space already, we grew engagement astronomically.


  • Increase in Organic Revenue


  • ROI


  • Increase in Conversions from Social Traffic

The Results

Despite the challenges faced being one of the top companies within any particular industry, UltraSabers experienced immediate and long-term results in terms of audience growth and eCommerce. In the short-term, Power Digital was able to increase Organic traffic drastically within the first 60 days via an extensive technical audit and in-depth competitive keyword research. In conjunction, Power Digital deployed a top-tier Outreach campaign to secure backlinks from some of the most authoritative sites in the industry.

By focusing on non-branded keywords, Power Digital Marketing was able to introduce the UltraSabers brand to nearly 260% more new users over the course of 11 months. Furthermore, experienced an improvement to Organic Sessions by 255%, improvement to Organic Revenue of 268%, and held a 14,039% Return on Investment (ROI)! Although traffic and revenue has leveled out as we have left the holiday season, we expect to continue to dominate the competition and keep ourselves in the greatest position of opportunity through 2016… and beyond!

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