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Picking the “winners” just got easier.

Partner with a digital marketing agency that connects innovation with expertise to de-risk your investments and uncover critical trends with stunning accuracy.

What if mitigating investment risk was easy? We provide the tools.

Picking a “winner” for your next acquisition is no easy task. We leverage machine learning to find companies that will be profitable and spot critical opportunity gaps with amazing accuracy.

We eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty with nova, a proprietary technology that analyzes business growth opportunities, builds a plan to execute on them and accurately tracks progress and results. The best part? nova gets smarter over time.

Achieving your goals has never been easier.

Appraisal for your review.

View our findings and customized roadmap for your business  before a contract is signed.

Private equity-specific experts.

The private equity industry is unique, which is why we have a dedicated team that understands the metrics, trends and specific challenges that matter most to your business.

Transparent reporting.

See what marketing campaigns we’re running, and the results they’re getting, at any time through your customized dashboard.

Growth Solutions for Current/Post
Private Equity & Venture Capital Investments

01 nova Diligence

Appraisals of potential investments in LOI evaluating upside and execution feasibility on sales and marketing channels.

Allows growth investors to confirm preliminary investment indications and thoughtfully deploy capital.

02 nova Value

Brand Appraisals of current portfolio companies for marketing upside analysis.

Allows asset owners to maximize growth and enhance exit multiples.

03 nova First Look Analysis

Optimized for speed and quick decisions, these Appraisals of potential and current portfolio companies focus on leveraging qualitative analytics; “outside looking in.”

Allows growth investors to run screens and assess growth viability before engaging operators.


Growth Solutions for Pre
Private Equity & Venture Capital

01 nova Appraised

Appraisals of companies with full data sets, and some initial funding to support use of proceeds/capital raise efforts.

Allows entrepreneurs/operators to gain insights on potential marketing holes and growth opportunities for potential capital raise considerations.

02 nova Playbook

Appraisals of companies with limited data sets and adequate funding to outline and support capital allocation decisions.

Provides early stage and pre sponsor operators with quantifiable marketing insights to prudently allocate existing capital.

03 nova Blueprint for Business Planning

Appraisals of companies with limited data and funding in order to raise proceeds by comprehensively authoring business planning & financial modeling section(s) inclusive of budgeting & forecasting for channel and ad spend.

What people are saying
Power Digital is a clear leader in the digital marketing space. Their team has partnered closely with our private equity firm’s portfolio companies to understand gaps in internal resources and help drive revenue growth. I’ve been on the agency side, and I’ve also worked with a lot of agencies on the client side, and without a doubt, Power Digital has shown the most consistent business intelligence and results
Keith Jensen, Chief Marketing Officer, Waud Capital Partners
What people are saying

Hitting your goals is our specialty.

Team members are handpicked to work on your account and have specialized experience in the private equity industry. Strategies are never guesswork, but are backed by extensive experience, research and machine learning technology.

Few people have had the opportunity to work with such an incredibly talented team as Power Digital. During the past two years of partnering with us, the Power team has proven time and time again how steadfast and relentless they are in getting their clients results. They will stop at nothing to hit their monthly, quarterly and yearly goals. Their Nova technology is also a force to be reckoned with and will be a game-changer in the private equity space.
Ivelisse Rodriguez Simon, Managing Partner at Avante Capital Partners
What people are saying

Hitting your goals is our specialty.

We deliver deeper insights, sharper strategies, easier reporting and faster results, allowing to effortlessly pull ahead of competitors.

Here’s how we deliver a valuable, data-backed appraisal.

Deliver laser-focused recommendations.

View how digital is impacting or potential investments and uncover specific trends in their industries – so you can plot that next best move.

Get clarity to make more profitable decisions.

Uncover the most valuable pieces of information prior to investing, so you can pick the “winners.” This clarity allows you to identify gaps in existing digital marketing strateg and find the most profitable companies.

View a detailed blueprint.

We allow you to instantly view how much money you need to invest and what you need to execute to get the greatest return on investment.

Hit the ground running.

If you decide to partner with us, you’ll be months ahead in meeting your aggressive growth goals.

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