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Consumer Services Marketing

Our team of experts help businesses like yours drive more leads, nurture existing pipelines, measure marketing impact, and solve for operational challenges. We have the technology, the people, and the experience to help your business thrive.

Our Approach

At Power Digital, we aren’t a single-channel task manager. We seamlessly integrate with businesses like yours that have aggressive growth goals and industry nuances to elevate marketing programs and reach revenue goals, despite macro trends. We’re quick on our feet – adapting and solving for new possibilities and obstacles as they come. Our team of marketers, data scientists, strategists, and analysts are ready to help your business grow.

We have the capabilities and resources to solve the challenges that keep you up at night. Challenges such as:
  1. Increasing Contactable Volume of Customers/ Leads

    Sending the right messaging, to the right audience, through the right channel mix is a science. Luckily we can securely analyze your marketing data, forecast where and how you should spend, develop the creative concepts to attract and engage the right audience, executing on campaigns that will make the leads pour in and are ready to become your newest customer.

  2. Nurture and Retention

    It’s one thing to get a lead in the door (& all the time/ money that goes into it), it’s another to nurture, convert and retain until a lead becomes a loyal customer and comes back time and time again. We’re experts when it comes to working with various sales cycles, enrollment calendars, importance of lifetime value and have proven success nurturing leads into customers and improving retention.

  3. Measurement

    Marketers in any industry are under fire to show ROI and effectiveness of the marketing mix for every dollar spent. Are you spending dollars on a channel, seeing decent results, but not seeing the impact on overall revenue or understanding what channels are contributing most effectively? Our team of data scientists can dig into the numbers and show what tactics are actually contributing to incremental (or new) revenue and which tactics are not. Then, we adapt and execute.

  4. Operational Efficiency

    Are you drowning in third party tools, data, martech, and disconnected teams trying to make sense of it all? Our team can plug in – weaving together marketing and business practices that streamline to impact your bottom line.

What people are saying
Allison Jones, VP of Marketing
“Power Digital helps us stand out from the competition. They bring us new ideas and strategies outside of traditional real estate marketing and really make us push that envelope to do things differently.”
Allison Jones, VP of Marketing
What people are saying

We helped Berkshire Hathaway Reach 4.1M People With First-to-Market Influencer Campaigns

Let us help you reach a vast audience of new customers with innovative campaigns that set you apart.

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Industries we love working with


Aligning the right marketing mix for unique program calendars, and enrollment cycles is something we’re well-versed in here at Power. We design custom roadmaps that drive contactable prospective students to achieve enrollment goals all while addressing and preventing enrollment MELT.


Whether you’re operating a physical location, a chain of locations, or a wellness app – we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts simplify omnichannel campaign execution, measurement and optimization – so you can focus on improving the quality of service and wellbeing of your customers.

Home Services

Windows, plumbing, HVAC, roofing etc. You name it, we’ve done it. We’re experienced at designing effective campaigns that improve the customer journey, drives warmer leads ready for appointments/quotes, speeds up the quote to sales cycle, and improves operational efficiency – aka revenue.

Senior Living

Families in search of appropriate accommodations for their loved ones undergo immense research before commitment. A partner that understands the customer journey, caters messaging to address their needs, and gets their attention will simplify your costs and this significant decision. Win, Win.

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