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Grow Your Brand and Revenue with Programmatic Marketing

Looking to scale your brand and business? Turn to Power Digital’s programmatic advertising services for profitable revenue growth.

Drive Incremental Sales with Programmatic Advertising

Managing your ad spend initiatives effectively across multiple publishers is hard. 

Plus, you have other things to do.

You need a partner that has a pulse on all things programmatic, understands your industry and competitors, knows how to maximize your dollar to drive results and uses the best technology to get there. 

Power Digital is your integrated growth marketing partner, helping you expand your reach with automated, targeted ads that find customers in real-time.

Don’t have the assets? We’ve got you covered with sophisticated performance creative.

Get a real-time programmatic plan tailored to your business KPIs and activated through:

A powerful, automated technology to instantly buy media

High-impact media on multiple channels to put your brand name in front of customers in real time

A dynamically optimized customer acquisition strategy

An incremental measurement approach to prove out media investment ROI

What people are saying
Power Digital prioritized prospecting tactics to capture new users and build the retargeting pool, tested video and native to drive the most efficient media mix, and ran a video brand study with control/exposed methodology to determine brand favorability.
What people are saying

A top jewelry brand grew their revenue by 67% year-over-year with a programmatic strategy to grow awareness and sales.

Perfecting the Programmatic Process

The old way of purchasing advertising was a manual process that included quotes and human negotiations, lacking real-time visibility into results. Programmatic advertising has changed the game. It leverages algorithms that quickly determine where your advertising dollars will work the hardest – and displays your ad impression results in real time.

By leveraging audience data, you’ll only target and pay for impressions that are delivered to the people you want to reach.

Personalization is critical in today’s market. Power Digital’s programmatic advertising services help you get in front of the right audience, with the right creative in the channel that will drive the highest revenue return. 

Our Approach to Programmatic:
  1. Analysis – We start by getting to know you, your products or services, and what you’ve done so far to make your digital mark. Our proprietary technology, nova, analyzes businesses through first-party data to build an informed, growth-first marketing plan.

  2. Strategy – We craft a plan that gets you real results, with high confidence, thanks to nova.

  3. Implementation – The work begins.  Building the foundation, optimizing media spend, and enabling your ads to get smarter daily, driving quality traffic, engagement and conversions.

  4. Results – Real-time results––reported the way you need them––just in time for that ad-hoc executive meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions about Programmatic Advertising

What media channels can Power Digital activate on?

Currently, Power Digital can activate on the following media channels:

  • CTV
  • Streaming Audio/Podcast
  • Digital OOH
  • Display
  • OLV
  • Native
  • Direct Mail

How does programmatic advertising improve targeting?

Programmatic advertising is designed to reach the ideal customer based on your specific advertising goal. For example, this may include IP targeting (based on specific IP addresses, such as those with specific business types), geolocation ad placement targeting, contextual keywords and more.

Can I measure results in real time and adjust as needed?

Unlike traditional advertising, such as billboards or print advertising, you don’t need to wait until the ad campaign is over to view results. Programmatic advertising enables you to view results in real time and adjust your ad campaign as needed.

How does programmatic advertising streamline campaign management?

Programmatic advertising allows you to zero in on the best advertising channel to reach your target audience. But it also empowers you with complete visibility regardless of that advertising channel. For example, all advertising campaigns are viewed across a single system, allowing you to easily measure the success of your efforts.

Does programmatic advertising help increase my reach?

There are 4.5 billion internet users, but only a small fraction of those viewers are right for your specific campaign. Programmatic display advertising allows you to reach more people in your specific target market in a way that feels personalized and relevant, producing optimal results. This type of advertising shows how many impressions you receive, who viewed a specific advertisement, their location and more critical details.

What people are saying
"The way that Power Digital has scaled with us the first year is, for an independent growth marketing firm, unprecedented. It's a true testament to the savviness of the team and the way that you all execute on behalf of your brands. We know that the sky is the limit in terms of how we can continue to grow in 2023 and beyond."
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What people are saying

Programmatic Advertising: Efficient, Effective and Scalable

The right programmatic agency can directly target a user and attribute media across multiple channels and devices, even within households. The efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy of automating the process, without having to set up individual direct deals, is a game-changer.  

Leading Fitness App wanted to test CTV to determine if the channel could be successful in driving incremental app installs and membership activation at scale.

After 5 weeks of heavy CTV spend in test markets, the campaign delivered incremental installs and account activations, Power Digital earned +2,800 installs and 472 trails, posting a 17% conversion rate (+30% increase from benchmark).

What people are saying

App installs


Increase in conversion rate


Reduction in cost per install

Learn How a Programmatic Growth Firm Like Power Digital Can Chart Your Path to Growth.


Before a contract is ever signed, we get to know your business with a detailed analysis of your advertising strategy. We provide an in-depth report of what’s working and what isn’t, and the opportunities that we’ve found tailored to your specific business.


Once your appraisal is complete, we start mapping a plan for getting the best return on your investment with your ad spend from your programmatic advertising strategy.

Our approach is backed by years of experience and research into your specific industry, target market, and niche.


Now that we’ve laid the critical foundation, it’s time to implement your personalized programmatic advertising strategy and start driving more results to your business.

Results, Rinse, Repeat

Programmatic advertising is a powerful marketing tool because it allows you to get real-time visibility into results and pivot fast. We’ll monitor your programmatic advertising campaign success, make adjustments as needed and brainstorm how to keep growing profitably.