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Programmatic Advertising Agency

Reach Your Audience at the Exact Moment of Relevance with Programmatic Advertising

Strategic programatic ads to increase brand exposure and conversions

Creating moments of serendipity, when the target audience views your advertisement at the right moment, in the right place, is the holy grail of advertising. Programmatic advertising is rewriting the “spray and pray” method of advertising to one that leverages powerful machine learning and cutting-edge algorithms that leave nothing to chance – maximizing your return on every dollar spent with programmatic ad spend.

When your PPC ads show up for the right people at the right time, you will:

Sixty-two percent of marketers use programmatic advertising to achieve brand objectives.

Programmatic advertising statistics show that in 2020, one of the top trends is automation, including AI and machine learning.

Estimates are that by 2021, digital ad spend will increase by 88%in the United States. By 2021, US digital display advertisers will invest nearly $80 billion in programmatic advertising.

Mobile programmatic ad revenues account for 43%of US mobile display-related advertising revenue, up from only 6% in 2013.

What people are saying
"Their team really is an extension of our marketing department.

We have worked with Power Digital for several years and they have proven over and over again to be a reliable digital marketing partner. Their team really is an extension of our marketing department and always put our needs and best interest at the forefront of their decision making."
Brandon Maskell, Director of Marketing, soccerloco
What people are saying

Here's what happened when we partnered with soccerloco:


organic revenue growth


ROI on search & outreach


YoY revenue

How does programmatic advertising work?

The old way of purchasing advertising was a manual process that included quotes and human negotiations and lacked real-time visibility into results. Programmatic advertising is changing everything, as it leverages algorithms that quickly determine where your advertising dollars will work the hardest – and displays your ad impression results in real time.
Targeting is used to segment audiences using important data – so that you only pay for advertising that is delivered to the right audiences.

Real-time data is used to locate the best online audiences for your specific advertising campaign and matches your advertising to those opportunities. Personalization is critical in today’s market, and programmatic services enables you to get in front of the right audiences more effectively.

Critical factors are considered, such as:
  1. Demographics (female vs. male, age, etc.)

  2. Specific audience interests

  3. Audience behaviors (looking for content during specific times of day)

  4. Specific devices that target audience uses

Frequently Asked Questions about Programmatic Advertising

How does programmatic advertising improve targeting?

Programmatic advertising is designed to reach the ideal customer based on your specific advertising goal. For example, this may include IP targeting (based on specific IP addresses, such as those with specific business types), geolocation ad placement targeting, contextual keywords and more.

Can I measure results in real time and adjust as needed?

Unlike traditional advertising, such as billboards or print advertising, you don’t need to wait until the ad campaign is over to view results. Programmatic advertising enables you to view results in real time and adjust your ad campaign as needed.

How does programmatic advertising streamline campaign management?

Programmatic advertising allows you to zero in on the best advertising channel to reach your target audience. But it also empowers you with complete visibility regardless of that advertising channel. For example, all advertising campaigns are viewed across a single system, allowing you to easily measure the success of your efforts.

Does programmatic advertising help increase my reach?

There are 4.5 billion internet users, but only a small fraction of those viewers are right for your specific campaign. Programmatic display advertising allows you to reach more people in your specific target market and do so in a way that feels personalized and relevant and produces maximum results. This type of advertising easily shows how many impressions you receive, who viewed a specific advertisement, location and more critical details.

What people are saying
"They speak Google as my General Manager likes to say. Our success in organic and paid search this past year is undoubted."
Aviation Academy
What people are saying

Focus on new business and sales, instead of the confusion and jargon of PPC.

Starting at square one with trial-and-error campaigns only wastes time and ad spend.

We bring you to the forefront of exciting new PPC technologies and platforms such as programmatic advertising and connected TV while your competitors are only scratching the surface. 

"The addition of the Power Digital has had a marked impact on our online presence and the strategies we use to reach our guests. Their team has truly become an extension of our own and we’re able to work hand-in-hand to achieve our marketing objectives."
CMO, Jenny Craig
What people are saying

PPC strategy with a CRO mindset.

Clicks don’t always equal conversions. That’s why we strive to improve your landing pages, the sales process, and conversion success with every campaign.  

We constantly search for gaps in the strategy and seek out new opportunities to ensure you’re getting the most profound ROI impact from your programmatic ad campaigns.

"One of the great things in working with Power is that you're our trusted partner in all of this. You guys have always been really innovative. You push for innovative thinking and strategic thinking."
Remodel Works
What people are saying

Constantly shifting strategies for fickle markets.

What works now might not work forever. Going stagnant leads to outdated campaigns that drain ad spend and kill revenue. 

As audience behavior shifts, we adapt. With consistent testing and adjusting of ads and strategies, your marketing stays fresh and effective.

"Power Digital is always looking for ways to help us improve our digital efforts and ensure our satisfaction. I consider Power Digital an extension of my marketing team and a trusted strategic advisor."
Director of Marketing and Communications, NewSchool of Architecture
What people are saying

PPC management powered by AI technology.

We use our machine learning AI technology, nova, to analyze your business, build your strategy, and track your progress. 

It’s the only technology of its kind, giving you an advantage over the competition.

How do I get started? Here’s our process for placing you in the right location, at the right time, to capture greater attention and drive results:


Before a contract is ever signed, we get to know your business with a detailed analysis of your advertising strategy. We provide an in-depth report of what’s working and what isn’t and the opportunities that we’ve found tailored to your specific business.


Once your appraisal is complete, we start mapping a plan of attack for getting the best return on investment with your ad spend from programmatic advertising strategy.

Our approach is backed by years of experience and research into your specific industry, target market, and niche.


Now that we’ve laid the critical foundation, it’s time to implement your personalized programmatic advertising strategy and start driving more results to your business.

Results, Rinse, Repeat

Programmatic advertising is a powerful marketing tool because it allows you to get real-time visibility into results and pivot fast. We’ll continue to monitor your programmatic advertising campaign success, make adjustments as needed and brainstorm how to take your success to an even higher level. Partner with our programmatic advertising agency and we will help you achieve results you could have never imagined with your marketing campaign.

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