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Social media strategy that makes your audience want to follow & engage with your brand.

When you build an authentic relationship with your prospects, they’ll choose you without thinking twice.

Stand out from the competition by looking like real humans who care.

Your audience is fatigued by endless ads and inauthentic brand interactions.

With the right social media content and strategy, you can become a breath of fresh air they won’t overlook.

Power Digital gives you multi-channel social media marketing expertise while collaborating with you to develop a genuine online presence that gets love, likes, and shares – without paying to play.

When you build a social media presence that's as authentic as it is persuasive, you will:

Win Customers for Life

Be Shared with New Audiences

Drive Viral Awareness

What people are saying
“The results have been incredible. With Power Digital, it feels like they’re in our trench, supporting and understanding us. They’re like a partner and mentor in helping us get where we want to be.”
Tim Trzepacz, Director of Commercial Operations, Victrola
What people are saying

Here’s what happened when we partnered with Victrola:


Users reached organically in 12 months


Total organic engagements in 12 months


New social followers in 12 months

Be a part of your customers' conversations on multiple social channels.

We’ll put you wherever your audience hangs out the most and craft content that builds relationships with them:

Engaging Instagram Content

Targeted content, captions, and hashtags to grow and engage your audience.

Pinterest SEO Strategy

Social SEO best practices that puts your Pinterest and other socials on the map.

LinkedIn Outreach

B2B outreach campaigns that don’t get overlooked or left on read.

Frequently Asked Questions about Organic Social

What is a social media audit?

The Power Digital social audit is a crucial step in our methodology. Our team will perform a comprehensive review of all your social media metrics, content, and branding across all platforms to develop a deep understanding of the current state of your social presence. Specific elements of evaluation include current activity, following size, community engagement practices, brand aesthetic, and social asset inventory. We will then use these findings to develop a robust strategic plan that will help increase your audience engagement and grow your social following.

What social media platforms do you work out of?

The Power Digital social team are experts in leveraging all the major social media channels that our clients are on. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. But just because we have the means to support you on all these platforms, doesn’t mean you should be on all of them. Dont’s worry! We can help you figure out which ones will help you reach your target audience.

Do you respond to followers questions or comments on my posts?

The short answer? Yes. If you choose to utilize our community management services, we will respond directly to your followers’ questions or comments to keep your brand engaged in the conversation. We have found that this helps create a sense of authenticity with your audience and ultimately increases your reach.

What is social media community management?

Community management is essentially the oversight and maintenance of your brand’s social media pages. This could include responding to comments or muting negative comments, following other relevant brands, and publishing new content. It seems simple enough but can be a very time-consuming activity, especially to do it effectively. Our digital marketing agency is experienced in this type of social media management and can ensure that your brand is engaging with your audience in the most authentic way.

What people are saying
"They are very technical, leverage data driven approaches and have a strong understanding of content marketing & PR. No questions Power Digital is a great fit for us as an eCommerce website."
Brandon Maskell, Director of Marketing
What people are saying

This is how we build organic social media connections that make the competition look vapid.

Done-for-you content calendar, fully strategized and roadmapped.

Get your content calender planned in advance without taking on the time-consuming burden yourself.

You’ll get a comprehensive publication strategy that considers your customer journey, awareness levels, and industry best practices.

"The addition of the Power Digital has had a marked impact on our *online presence and the strategies we use to reach our guests*. Their team has truly become an extension of our own and we’re able to work hand-in-hand to achieve our marketing objectives."
Sycuan Casino
What people are saying

Social media page management that promotes positive engagement.

Have your brand’s social media pages managed across all channels in a way that not only keeps you top of mind, but enhances your image.

We’ll engage with your audience on posts, mute negative comments, follow relevant brands, and give you a personable presence.

"I cannot speak highly enough about the support and results we have had from them. Our month on month organic growth has been steady and continuous. They presented visuals as well as strategy and we are now in the process of implementing their recommendations."
Eco Caters, Lot 8, and Revel
What people are saying

Photography and video assets sourced and strategized for you.

Not all media assets are equal and using the wrong media can create more confusion than conversions. 

We know how to source photos and videos that develop brand consistency while kicking up engagement across all social channels.

"Power Digital is always looking for ways to help us improve our digital efforts and ensure our satisfaction. I consider Power Digital an extension of my marketing team and a trusted strategic advisor."
Director of Marketing and Communications, NewSchool of Architecture
What people are saying

Organic marketing powered by AI technology.

We combine powerful machine learning AI with human expertise to deliver a strategy that goes beyond best guesses.

And as results flow in, all of your data APIs to a single intuitive scoreboard.

Here are the steps we take to organically drive awareness, engagement, and revenue for your business.


Before a contract is ever signed, we pop the hood on your business with a detailed audit. You get an in-depth report on what’s working, what’s not, and what opportunities we’ve found for serious growth.


We develop a strategic plan of attack after analyzing your Facebook Audience Insights and gaining a deep understanding of your target audience.


Your content is written, designed, strengthened by relevant media, then gradually rolled out according to your content calendar. We track the metrics and monitor interactions so the entire process is hands-free.

Results, Rinse, Repeat

Loyal followers share your content, anticipate your posts, and buy your product. As results roll in, we focus on testing to make them even better while you focus on all the new business.

Get your free, no-strings proposal audit that other social media agencies would bill for.

You'll receive an in-depth audit of your:
  1. Current Activity

    to get a baseline of where you stand across all social channels.

  2. Following Size and Engagement

    to identify where efforts should be focused.

  3. Community Management

    to see where you could be improving the conversation with your audience.

  4. Brand Aesthetic

    to notify you of inconsistent or haphazard branding that’s hurting your image.

  5. Social Assets

    to see which current elements should be kept, which should be retired, and where gaps need to be filled.

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