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By this point, you’re probably familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You grasp the concepts and understand that it’s an important facet of any...
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Turn data into demand.

Experience the growth that enterprises dream of with the data-driven platform designed to eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty of digital marketing.

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The only tech of its kind.

The machine learning platform that can analyze any business’s growth opportunities, build a plan to execute on them, and track progress across channels in a custom-to-user dashboard.

The best part? As data aggregates, SPRNOVA® gets smarter.

250k Data point analyzed
500+ Proven winning strategies
160 Unique success stories
Which means you get:

Deeper insights

Sharper strategies

Faster results

Easier reporting

Opportunity Appraisal

Your probability score for each channel's growth viability.

  • Real data. Real-time.

    Your data is crosschecked with thousands of analytics to see where you stand and why.
  • What's working, what's not.

    Every channel is scored for it’s growth potential based on your goals and current strategy.
  • Get focused.

    In the end, you see which channels will deliver the greatest ROI with a little TLC.


Your marketing strategy, designed by machine learning and analyzed by experts.

  • Custom strategy.

    SPRNOVA® runs thousands of scenarios against your data to build your unique strategy.
  • Every step, mapped.

    You get a month-by-month plan of attack to execute against initiatives.
  • A human touch.

    Your strategy is reviewed by analysts and enriched with their years of experience.


All your marketing and growth data in one place.

  • No more scattered data.

    All of your analytics API to your Scoreboard, updating progress in real-time.
  • Individualized interface.

    Each user on your account sees the data they need in a way they understand.
  • Always adapting.

    The results of our efforts are fed back into SPRNOVA®, making it smarter every day.

Smart tech backed by smart people.

Our expert analysts provide a human touch, bolstering SPRNOVA®'s findings with their years of experience.

Our Expert Analysts

If your funnel looks more like a sieve, our experts will find the leaks and turn them into opportunities. When something’s broken, they spot it – then discover how to optimize it.

Our Focus

Our team is focused on your ROI. They’ll find quick wins that improve CRO, lower cost of acquisition and build revenue fast. They’re also experts at the long game, positioning you as a thought leader that prospects gravitate to.

Get your Opportunity Appraisal and Blueprint now, no strings attached.

Here's how we make your audit a win-win:

Experience the power of SPRNOVA®’s adaptive intelligence.

Know which channels should be reimagined or left alone.

See our plan of attack for reaching your goals.

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Have questions about SPRNOVA®?

How was SPRNOVA® created?

Before nova, Power Digital used 3 major internal tools for achieving remarkable results for our clients. But they operated separately from each other, took a lot of manpower, and were a bit clunky. 

nova was created from the potential of these tools and engineered to bring them together inside one digital “brain”. Now, these tools are modules of nova; Opportunity Appraisal, Blueprint, and Scoreboard.

What information of mine does SPRNOVA® use?

We analyze your business from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective. Analytics and data from sources like FB ads, Google Analytics, and Salesforce are used to get a picture of your performance. But we also grade businesses on their creativity, content, user experience and other qualitative factors.

Is my information stored anywhere?

None of your data is housed in nova. It all remains in your personal analytics accounts (such as Google Analytics) based off of the data policies for those accounts. nova only analyzes this data – it doesn’t take it or store it.

Information on how our services and strategies perform is, however, fed back into nova to make it smarter. For example, if we conduct site speed for someone and it does well, nova will add weight to the service and recommend it more.

Will my information be used to help my competitors get an advantage over me?

nova is meant to grow and learn by assessing how we perform. While the data relating to the effectiveness of our services and strategies does get fed back into nova, your specific strategy will be different from anyone else’s.  

The trends and research we do for our clients is done specifically for them based on the unique factors of their business, not for anyone else.

Who can access my scoreboard?

Only you, your authorized staff, and those on your account team.

Do you provide training on how to use scoreboard?

We don’t provide formal training, however your Scoreboard is an intuitive and easy to use reporting interface. If you ever need help with Scoreboard, we’re always here to answer your questions.

What makes SPRNOVA® different from other proprietary tech in this space?

nova is one of a kind. Currently there is no other technology out there translating agency actions into a platform. 

On top of that, we’re using machine learning to get better results for OUR services, not other people’s methods. nova is able to analyze any business and make recommendations that ultimately come from our brains at Power Digital: using our services and measuring against benchmarks that we set.

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