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Disruptive TikTok Programs that Drive Revenue and Awareness

We’re a leader in TikTok marketing with 20+ dedicated TikTok team members elevating brands and enabling meaningful sales for dozens of brands.

Through a curated approach to content strategy aligned with your business plan, we develop bold content & video, develop & manage powerful influencer partnerships, manager your community and activate stories through paid media, expanding your reach.
And, for each piece of content created, we’ll help you make it go further across channels, extending into YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, advertising, your website, email and beyond.

The brands that are mastering the TikTok algorithm are not only running a data-backed paid campaign strategy, they are also posting frequently on their organic pages, refreshing creative across paid campaigns on a frequent basis, and leveraging content creators for user-generated content.
Power Digital’s TikTok offering breaks down barriers between the organic page, influencer marketing, and paid media through refreshing, consistent creative driven by content creators representing your user generated content.

Across Power Digital clients who are executing this full-funnel TikTok marketing strategy, we see on average of 1-9x incremental return on investment.

*based on a modeled ROAS analysis.

Full Suite of TikTok Marketing Services to Help You Plant your Brand’s Flag in this Emerging Social Platform

TikTok Marketing Strategy & Analytics

TikTok Media Buying & Creative

TikTok Content

Influencer Marketing

Organic Social Management

What people are saying
"PDM is without doubt one of the best TT performance partners in the market. Their blend of native creative production at scale, cross team collaboration and media expertise makes them our "go-to" agency for any client who's looking to create results through advertising on TikTok"
Head of Performance Agencies, TikTok
What people are saying

With over 1 billion active users, now is your moment to build a powerful brand voice on TikTok

Through authentic, thoughtful, and engaging creative, our organic TikTok strategies tap into viral trends and audio to maximize organic reach. Our content strategy includes allocation for pre-planned and viral content—to ensure we can jump in quickly on the platform’s biggest moments––while staying true to brand initiatives and storytelling.

Through thoughtful community activation, we continue to build relationships with users through relevant hashtags and outbound conversations with your community, complimentary brands, and existing and prospective customers. Paired with Spark Ads and Influencer initiatives, our tailored TikTok strategies provide a full circle, engaging experience for brand advocates, endless scrollers, and beyond.

Thoughtful Virality

We stay on top of trends so you don’t have to, maximizing on your products and packaging for peak recognition.

Strategic Production

Our strategists provide in-depth concept planning for each video, ensuring real content that’s on brand, too.

Unique Creative

Our team of creators develop assets that are true to the brand and relatable for our target consumers—think UGC, but we own the story.

Building Connections

By inspiring activity and conversations, we support building unique relationships on the platform with other brands, customers, and followers.

Maximize the user and brand experience through influencer marketing.

TikTok estimates that by 2025, 54.9% of marketers will be utilizing TikTok influencers. To date, we’ve already seen brands utilizing TikTok influencers to generate a significant lift in brand recognition and sales. By leveraging an influencer’s audience, influencer marketing strengthens brand awareness and enables Spark Ads, which is TikTok’s top-performing ad format within the platform.

Vivid Storytelling

We know how to tell your story so creators can optimally impact your campaigns and build lasting buzz.


Our team is adept at identifying how and who is best positioned to create relevant, trending content that stands out in a crowd.

Industry Knowledge

Our team has been at the forefront of evolving influencer and digital strategy in the ever changing world of social media.

Measurement Tools

We utilize measurement, tracking and reporting tools to maximize impact and insight mining to comprehensively understand performance.

What people are saying
Tim Trzepacz, Director of Commercial Operations, Victrola
“The results have been incredible. With Power Digital, it feels like they’re in our trench, supporting and understanding us. They’re like a partner and mentor in helping us get where we want to be.”
Tim Trzepacz, Director of Commercial Operations, Victrola
What people are saying

Want to grow your e-commerce footprint, but need a proactive partner to guide you?

Let Power Digital create the tailored, integrated strategy that drives reach and revenue for your unique brand.

CMO, Jenny Craig
"First and foremost, they focus on your ROI. Rare is the agency that when you ask them to give you an estimate of the impact of their SEO efforts, will actually give you a percentage increase forecast and then proceed to exceed it.”
CMO, Jenny Craig
What people are saying

Keep up with the new demand.

Every cog in your marketing machine is turning towards the same goal: move more products.  Whether it means later nights or out-of-scope adjustments, we don't pop the champagne until you see profound revenue impact. We get it done, without being asked.

Allison Jones, VP, Marketing, BHHS California
“Power Digital helps us stand out from the competition. They bring us new ideas and strategies outside of traditional real estate marketing and really make us push that envelope to do things differently.”
Allison Jones, VP, Marketing, BHHS California
What people are saying

Inject the freshest marketing tactics into your brand with Power Digital

Let us help you reach a vast audience of new customers with innovative campaigns that set you apart.

Through our dedicated ad creative, leverage content that resonates with your future audience.

Our team of content creators follow social media trends to ideate upcoming concepts that are relevant for your brand and community. Whether it be the latest sound bite or trending hashtags, our team makes ad creative that is on brand, on trend, and direct-response oriented.

In order to maximize user and brand experience, our team of content creators produce creative that leans heavily into the TikTok creative approach, building anticipation, appearing as native as possible, and utilizing sound.

Memorable Brand Experience

We produce creatives that are immersive, engaging, and UGC, driving brand performance and overall growth.

Interactive & Captivating

We know how to facilitate user engagement and drive increased performance through creative that engages with your audience.

Leveraging the Power of Sound

We create content with trending TikTok sounds, driving user engagement and increased performance.

Don’t Make Ads, Make TikToks

As a TikTok marketing agency, we embrace the creativity and realness of TikTok, allowing your brand to be discovered by TikTok-exclusive audiences.

Grow your brand by amplifying your voice through TikTok ads.

The TikTok ads management platform is constantly changing and evolving to better optimize your goals. As a Premier TikTok partner, we have access to all upcoming betas and tests so that our clients can drive results, fast. Our media buyers are constantly optimizing campaigns and audiences to make sure that we are reaching the most relevant audience. By leveraging unique TikTok ad formats, we not only target the right audience for your brand, but create an immersive experience for your audience, driving upticks in your brand’s business-wide performance.


Depending on your brand’s overarching business goal, we craft and execute expert strategy, helping your brand achieve optimal performance.


Considering the competitive landscape and strategic opportunities, we craft and execute expert strategy curated to your goals.

Creative Implementation

We leverage unique TikTok formats, such as Spark ads, which drive deeper engagement through an authentic integration.


Through our partnership with TikTok Israel, we not only have access to exclusive betas, but we also work hand-in-hand to provide you with the most effective TikTok strategy.