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Turn Marketing Operations into a Revenue-Generating Machine

Stop chasing leads and start acquiring customers.

The Golden Age of Marketing Operations is Now.

Marketing. Sales. Your CRM. They all work together, but is your current setup leaving revenue on the table? Without consistent processes and automations in place, your CRM is like a plane without a captain (and nobody wants that)––allow us to help.

Our team of subject-matter experts will help you devise a strategy following a “no leads left behind” approach. Through automation and technical implementations, you’ll be able to leverage the functionalities of your tech stack to turn leads into customers.

Wondering how this all works? Here’s our proven method:

Clean and optimize your CRM/marketing automation instance

Set up automations and strict criteria to improve your lifecycle funnel and lead scoring

Enhance visibility and team alignment through process updates and automations

What people are saying
“The Power Digital team has been an invaluable partner in transitioning our marketing operations from a start-up to a growth and establishment phase. Before their involvement, we did not have complete visibility into how our marketing leads were performing in the funnel, and now we have a full line of sight into the entire funnel from MQL through to close won/lost.”
VP of Marketing, Parcel Pending by Quadient
What people are saying

Focus on what really matters and let us handle the rest.

We’ll help you showcase true marketing attribution in your pipeline and revenue reports, so you aren’t left questioning what kind of impact marketing had on your closed-won deals.

“The Marketing Operations Team is truly an extension of our internal team with impressive knowledge and expertise that would be incredibly difficult to build in-house. One of my favorite things about the team is that they are fantastic at pulling from their vast experience across a variety of business models and verticals to both recommend and implement strategies that make sense for our business.”
Head of Growth, Lawmatics
What people are saying

Work with marketing ops strategists who won’t apply a cookie-cutter approach to your business.

Your business is unique and should be treated as such. We’ll create custom strategies to ensure we’re identifying your true target audience and set up automations that work for your business model to push qualified leads through the funnel.

Reimagine Success Through Agility and Intelligence.

Navigating past the pandemic shockwaves has created an increasingly difficult and complex digital landscape to manage.

Keeping up with the demands of this new landscape can be challenging, but the solution is clear: let us give you the competitive edge by cleaning and improving your systems and processes, so you can make decisions based on accurate and actionable data.

Don’t have a Marketing Automation platform to power your CRM and marketing operations efforts? That’s okay! We’re a Hubspot Platinum Solutions Partner, so we’ll get you set up or migrated to Hubspot’s best-in-class Marketing Automation platform to seamlessly integrate with your CRM.

Here’s What’s Possible:

Improved Marketing Qualified Lead quality

Increase in overall deal velocity and win rates

Increase in marketing and sales team productivity

Greater success in qualified lead win-back

Frequently Asked Questions about Marketing Operations

What is a Marketing Operations audit?

Power Digital’s Marketing Operations Audit is a crucial step in uncovering how your Marketing Operations can be optimized. Our team will perform a comprehensive review of your system(s) to assess data health, the state and setup of your marketing automations (including your lifecycle stages and lead scoring), your native integrations, and marketing and sales alignment. We take a look through your current CRM and/or Marketing Automation platform’s infrastructure to find what’s impeding performance, where there are areas for opportunity, and overall performance visibility.

We then use those findings to develop a robust, strategic plan aimed to improve the state of your CRM, automations, and lead flow, and ultimately increase the profitability of your business. And, who wouldn’t want that?

Why is a Marketing Automation Platform important when I already have a CRM?

A CRM (like Salesforce) is a powerful tool to organize all of your relationships and sales efforts all in one place. On the flipside, a Marketing Automation platform is an effective solution for tracking your inbound sources and web analytics, performing email marketing, managing your digital campaigns, and so much more. You can’t really have one without the other – and when combined together, these tools deepen the cooperation of marketing and sales, enable a better understanding of customer behavior and improve overall lead quality.

Some CRMs like Hubspot (with Marketing Hub) combine CRM and marketing automation all-in-one – but regardless of your tech stack, there’s one underlying factor that is needed across both to take them to the next level: Marketing Operations.

What kinds of Marketing Operations services do you offer?

We offer a vast array of marketing operations services, with these being just a few: 

  • Marketing Automation CRM/Marketing Automation Platform Clean Ups* 
  • Hubspot Setups
  • CRM/Marketing Automation Platform/ESP Migrations to Hubspot
  • CRM Elevation and Enhancements

  • Ongoing Marketing Operations Support and Maintenance

*If platforms are Hubspot or Pardot.

Is my business too small to benefit from Marketing Operations?

Absolutely not! Small or midsized businesses need streamlined processes, automation infrastructure, and marketing accountability just as much as larger companies. In fact, it’s better to implement marketing operations while you’re still growing, rather than try to fix issues that stem from mismanaged systems later on.

Which CRM/Marketing Automation Platforms do you work with?

As Hubspot Platinum Solution Partners, we are most experienced working in Hubspot’s CRM or Hubspot Marketing Hub x Salesforce CRM instances, but we will also work in existing Pardot instances. 

If you’re not on either of these platforms, no need to worry! We regularly perform Hubspot setups and migrations. We’ll also integrate Hubspot with your existing Salesforce instance for you.

Do you perform Sales Operations?

While there is some crossover between marketing and sales operations, we typically don’t perform sales operations tasks, as that would require us to be an integral member in managing your sales processes and structures. However, we will assist with specific sales automations on occasion!

What people are saying
“PDM has been an outstanding resource for me and my team. We hit a roadblock during a migration from our previous email marketing platform to HubSpot, realizing we needed our custom objects built to trigger our automated emails. The PDM team offered their Marketing Operations team's expertise to take on the task along with general HubSpot support. They are knowledgeable, professional, and overall a pleasure to work with (just like the rest of the PDM team!). Highly recommend them for similar projects.”
Growth Marketing Manager, Host Healthcare
What people are saying

Work with experts who know how to handle your data

The work needed to manage CRMs and Marketing Automation Platforms is often underestimated and can become overwhelming very quickly if it falls on someone with other responsibilities. That’s why we’re here to help.

We’ll make sure your systems stay clean and relevant as new data flows in. And if you migrate from one platform to another, we’ll be sure that nothing important is lost along the way.

Here's our process for making marketing operations the driving engine for your marketing and sales teams:


Before a contract is ever signed, we take a look under the hood with a detailed analysis of your Marketing Automation Platform/CRM software and current marketing operations strategy. You get an in-depth report on what’s working, what’s not, and what opportunities we’ve uncovered for serious growth.


We develop a strategy to clean up your CRM and/or marketing automation platform and elevate your marketing operations efforts. Don’t have one of these (or either) set up? We’ll create a full process from scratch if none exist.

We’ll also have you set your most ambitious automation goals, so we can create a roadmap to help you hit them.

Technology Transformation

In transparent collaboration with you, we’ll get to work on cleaning up (or setting up) your Marketing Automation Platform/CRM.

Then, we will elevate and enhance your system and marketing automations to improve funnel visibility, sales and marketing alignment, and overall use of your Marketing Automation Platform/CRM.

Results, Rinse, Repeat

Watch as your data becomes more valuable and actionable for both your marketing and sales teams.

We’ll keep your business moving forward and continue optimizing automations and processes to evolve with you as you grow.

Get your free, no-strings attached appraisal.

You'll receive an in-depth audit of your:
  1. Data Health

    To identify if there are duplicate records, point out red flags in field setup, and uncover data issues that we can clean up for you.

  2. Native Integrations

    To ensure data is moving smoothly to and from your other platforms (especially Salesforce).

  3. Lead Scoring

    To discover where there might be gaps and opportunities in order to identify hot leads in your target audience.

  4. Lifecycle Funnel

    To elevate your current setup with advanced strategies and automations and improve reporting on your full funnel.

  5. Sales and Marketing Alignment

    To help you promote better visibility to all efforts touching your leads and set up automations to help both sides.

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