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Next Level Employee Development

The single most valuable investment you can make is in your people.


Our Core Trainings

One Minute Manager Training:

This quarter-long training has been a core part of the Power Digital leadership development program for 6+ years. The training is based on the Stephen Covey book, “The New One Minute Manager.” It is the core methodology we use to manage our team and embraces a very simple framework that managers can use to empower their employees. 

We have put over 50 emerging leaders and managers through this training and given them the tools to successfully lead and manage teams. This skill set serves them well at Power Digital and well beyond that in their personal and professional lives. 

The 3 key principles we use for our leadership development and management training include:

  1. Goal Setting

    using SMART Goals so it’s very clear what success looks like and there is full alignment between manager and team member.

  2. Praising Employees

    as they progress towards the goal and catching them doing things right.

  3. Redirecting an employee

    when they get off track to get them back on the right track towards their goal.

EQ Training:

Our EQ Training program is a proven winner that many companies have used to help teach their team the softer skills for business and life, and how to have a strong sense of EQ and Emotional Intelligence. The EQ workshop is the world’s most applicable, comprehensive and powerful emotional intelligence self assessment, 360 assessment and workshop. It helps team members clearly gauge their current skill levels and take strides to develop greater EQ and emotional intelligence. 

Biz Savvy 101:

Our Biz Savvy 101 Training is a quarter-long training program that is focused around teaching top marketers more about the nuances of business so that they are best prepared to have their efforts directly align with the desired business outcomes of their clients.  This training course encompasses everything from economic engines, business models, product development and positioning, key functions within organizations and so much more.  This is a course that every business person can benefit from completing and is highly rated by our team. 

FITFO Training:

FITFO is a term at Power Digital used for being a great problem solver or outside-the-box thinker.  We find that these creative skills are critical to success in the digital marketing world and business in this current day and age where data can be aggregated quickly and the playing field is rapidly evolving. This training led by some of our best problem solvers provides a simple framework and tips for team members to start to think more outside the box and search for solutions that solve business and marketing problems for our clients. 

Power Pairs Mentorship Program:

The Power Pairs Mentorship Program is our nationally recognized cross-functional mentorship program.  We have been using this program for 5+ years and have had 100’s of team members partake and compete to win the $1,000 prize and bragging rights within their “class.”  In this program, we match a mentor and mentee from two different departments within Power Digital to work on a quarter-long project that ends in a contest in which they present their findings, learnings and progress to a panel of judges.  

Here is a feature from HR Dive on the Power Pairs program covered back in August 2017.

Power MBA Program:

The Power MBA Program started back in 2017 when we had a big focus on helping our team members become more well-rounded business professionals and have a great perspective on entrepreneurship and all the moving parts within a well-run organization. This 14 week course consists of 7 core modules and is facilitated by leading experts in the core subject matter area as well as internal champions at Power Digital who oversee these functions. Employees learn about a range of topics from: Product Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Sales & Business Development to HR & Operations and much more.  You can learn more about the Power MBA Program curriculum here.

What people are saying
“I want to ensure Power Digital delivers for our amazing team members as much if not more than they deliver for the company. It has to be a two way street and we want to see our team members become the best version of their self and do huge things here and beyond”
Grayson Lafrenz, CEO and Founder
What people are saying

Our People

Developing at the pace of dog years.

“The amount of professional development that I have had over the past five years has been like nothing I could have ever imagined. I started at Power Digital as an intern back in 2015 and part of the ChargED internship program. Since then, I have progressed to launching a department, managing 8+ team members and promoted to VP within the company. What I have learned during my time at Power Digital is that if you put in the effort to grow and improve and are vested in the training programs, you can improve at rates you never thought possible.”
Samantha Wormser, Vice President
What people are saying

Our People

Developing at the pace of dog years.

Our process to understanding the goals of our talented team and driving them to success:

The Personal Hedgehog:

This is an amazing tool that we have used for years and took from Jim Collins’ book, “Good to Great.”  The HedgeHog is a workshop we do with every team member each year and review progress and evolution quarterly to assure we are playing our team members to their biggest strengths and passions. We have found that when we put team members in roles that align with their “superpower” and “passion,” it does not feel like work and they are their most successful version of themselves.  At times this can entail creating a specific role for a very talented person or pivoting them to a different part of the business.  We want our team members to feel passionate about their work and this is how we assure we are consistently committed to that. Below is a graphic of the 3 circles that go into the personal hedgehog and the intersection in the middle is where we want our people to be and where they want to be.

Vital 5 Goals:

The Vital 5 Goals exercise has been a part of Power Digital since 2014.  This is an annual workshop that every team member does to align their key goals for the year ahead with their manager and Power Digital leadership. This ensures that, “what success looks like,” for that specific year is crystal clear and we can all drive ourselves against the goals and shared vision. 

It is a very simple framework that has proven to work and drives a balanced and successful professional and personal life. 

We have found year in and year out that when we measure these goals and work hard to push each other to accomplish them that great things happen and team members accomplish things each year they never thought possible.  To learn more about the vital 5 methods, here is a Forbes article that speaks to these goals.

The Vital 5 goals include:
  1. How much money

    would you need to earn this year to feel like you blew it out of the water financially?

  2. What are the one or two skill sets

    you really want to master this year to grow in the areas you are most passionate about?

  3. What is your vision statement

    for your role in the company by this time next year?

  4. What is your big personal goal

    for the year that we can hold you accountable to?

  5. What support do you need from leadership

    to truly feel supported and empowered?

novaTalent Engine

nova is Power Digital’s proprietary technology and the novaTALENT Engine is a key to our employee development. Within the engine are the clear skills and KPIs that a world-class person in that role would have. Every quarter each employee grades themselves against these criteria, as does their manager and the employee development committee. This gives us a data-driven approach to identifying where each individual needs training and enables us to create custom tracks for employee development each quarter, as well as align recognition and promotions with growth and improvement.

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nova Command Center

In the nova CommandCenter, we have an abundance of training material that has been developed over the past 8 years. It is all organized and centralized in nova Command so that employees can tap into this material and take it upon themselves to learn and grow.

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“A-Player Material” is the gold standard at Power Digital for key marketing roles including Account Managers, Strategists and Executive Sponsors.  This is the criteria that we measure against in the novaTALENT Engine and how we have a data-driven approach to training and skill set development.  Below is a sample of that criteria for Executive Sponsors: 

  • Performance Focused & Driving Results
  • Full Funnel Marketing Knowledge
  • Master at Difficult Conversations
  • 100% hit on Role Responsibilities
  • Master at Identifying Client Opportunities
  • Impacting Our Agency Beyond Their Role
  • Embodies an Executive Presence
  • Client Relationship and Rapport Building
  • Coaching & Developing Their Teams