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Power Digital MBA Program

Although the key learnings they will gain aren’t directly connected to digital marketing, to be a well-rounded marketer it is essential to grow in all areas of business. This course is intended to give team members additional expertise to enhance their client’s strategies as our ultimate objective at PDM is to be a true partner to our clients.


Through this program we hope to continue to inspire our team members to be MOTIVATED, BOLD, & AMBITIOUS.

Diving In

We have created a proprietary, organized, educational program that will stretch our team members’ current experience and ramp up their careers.

This 14 week course consists of 7 modules where employees will learn about:

  • Product Development, Innovation, & Entrepreneurism
  • Management, Leadership & Recruitment
  • Sales & Business Dev
  • Operations, Processes, & HR
  • Business Finance & Business Metrics
  • Business Law
  • Investing & Saving

The program incorporates sessions with the PDM Champions in addition to the guest ’Power Speakers’ who will bring a wealth of valuable knowledge for each of the modules.

This engaging course requires all participants to attended at least 13 of 15 sessions as well as pass all end of module quizzes. Participation is the name of the game, so we encourage each PDM MBA student to fully partake in each session discussion.

Our Goal

We feel that if our MBA students enhance their general business knowledge, they will be better equipped to perform their day to day job whether as a project manager, account manager, strategist, fellow teammate, or partner to the client. At Power Digital we strive to keep our employees happy and want them not only to grow professionally, but also personally as well.

Power Digital Marketing Champions

The PDM Champions consists of three of our experts at Power Digital Marketing. Each week, the Champions will be guiding team members through the seven course modules. The Champions will teach a deep dive of each business topic as well as incorporate their personal experiences.

Power Speakers

An important aspect of the MBA curriculum includes guest Power Speakers who will be sharing their personal experiences as it connects to the weekly course modules. These speakers who are experts in their various fields, will bring an outside perspective and contribute key learnings such as secrets to great leadership.