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Your time is valuable. Our audits provide you with specific, actionable insights that drive revenue.

We dive deep into your on-page, off-page, and technical SEO strategy to make sure you are
getting the best value out of expert SEO services. We make sure you receive the best SEO
strategy for your business so you don’t aren’t leave any Money on the table. Sound good? We
thought so.

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Our Approach

Smart SEO = ROI-Focused and Data-Driven

SEO is important for businesses because it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Once you start to
rank organically for relevant search terms, you save money in the long run. Bidding on non branded keywords in PPC gets expensive but with SEO, you don’t pay for those clicks. We
believe in driving more than just traffic for our clients. Our SEO team is always looking at the
bottom line and crafts comprehensive online marketing strategies that stem from hard data
and drive revenue while increasing your online presence. From our initial audit to weekly and
monthly reporting we are constantly evaluating and optimizing our performance against key
KPIs. The numbers don’t lie, and your results won’t either.


Our SEO expert team takes a truly collaborative approach to getting results. Working closely
with our content, PR, web development, and CRO teams, we ensure that every search engine
marketing campaign is as integrated and effective as possible. Whether we need to ramp up
the on-page SEO content, support off-page SEO efforts with targeted link building, or further optimize the design of a page, we’ve got the resources available with smart SEO experts leading the way toward long-term success.

Human Friendly

Search engine optimization is highly technical, but that doesn’t mean your content should be. We balance our most technical strategies with strong user experiences to ensure that we never lose sight of our end goal: conversions. That combined with an emphasis on user intent and high-quality content helps ensure we’re driving the right kind of traffic, you know, the kind that will convert.

Technology Partners


Technology to Fuel Conversions


CRO: Gain valuable insight into your site’s performance with our CRO software that allows us to collect data and quickly carry out actionable tests.


Reliable keyword tracking is at the heart of any data-driven SEO campaign. Results are clearly tracked, giving our team the ability to quickly pinpoint trends and areas of opportunity.

Call Rail

Call Tracking: Get accurate conversion attribution with our call tracking software that allows you to truly measure the success of your SEO campaigns.

SEO + Conversion Rate Optimization

A revenue-focused team, we are always looking to go beyond just increasing keyword rankings and driving traffic, which makes CRO the perfect compliment to our SEO campaigns. Our team is trained to identify problem areas and optimize your site to ensure that as traffic increases conversions increase as well.

Behavior Metrics

Through heatmaps, scrollmaps, visitor recordings, and more, we gain valuable insight into how users are interacting with your site.

Variant Testing

Our software allows us to test almost everything on your site from your home page to conversion forms. Wondering where to start? Let the data to do the talking and we’ll take it from there.


Whether we are implementing new designs onto your site or passing off code to your team, we make it easy to quickly capitalize on test results.


“Over the past 2 years, Power Digital has helped NAPS reach and maintain a dominant Google search position for over 500 key words and phrases directly related to our industry. We are continually impressed with their ability to under the constant changes within the search engine industry and create proactive solutions to maintain our competitive position. Their custom reporting capabilities enable NAPS to track our progress and quantify the results of their work. Beyond search, Power Digital created NAPS’ mobile website and maintains the stability of our desktop and mobile versions. From SEO/SEM, content creation, website design and development, social media and PR/outreach, Power Digital is a true expert in their industry.”

Scott, Sr. Vice President
North American Production Sharing, Inc.


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SEO Case Studies

SLI Systems

SLI Systems found themselves making a huge step in the direction of solidifying their brand... It was important to not only refresh the brand, but centralize it in a stunning, captivating way.

When SLI approached Power Digital, they needed an entirely new website in 5 languages in a short timeline. The challenge was daunting, but we were able to set realistic expectations, deliver beautiful custom animations and iconography, as well as an award-nominated user experience.

The new SLI website strays from the norm by eliminating the use of photography and focusing on subliminal, psychological triggers to influence a user's involvement with their content. By presenting certain shapes in certain areas, our strategy employs enough direction to increase SLI's overall online user involvement.



Brosix is a global company that specializes in creating innovative instant messaging and online communication technologies for enterprise-level businesses. When the Brosix team first approached Power Digital Marketing, their email strategy was very limited with the bulk of emails sent being transactional. They wanted help creating email sequences for cold leads, warm leads, and current customers - with an emphasis on nurturing their current customers. We created a nurturing sequence with two goals in mind: re-engage their current customers and gather testimonials for marketing materials.


Charter Trucks

Charter Trucks is a family-owned business that specializes in selling quality, pre-owned equipment such as trucks, trailers, and machinery across North America. When Charter Trucks first approached Power Digital Marketing, they were handcuffed to a large ad platform called Truck Papers. This prevented the folks at Charter Trucks from accessing important metrics, gaining visibility, or having any control over their website. Of course, this was the industry standard at the time - very few truck retailers had their own websites outside of Truck Papers. Charter Trucks wanted to change this. We helped Charter Trucks take business offline to online by building a fully-optimized website that put the company ahead of the industry. The creation of the Charter Trucks website was the first step in changing the way people buy trucks.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Evaluating Your SEO Strategy

With this free guide, you’ll learn:

  • - The types of keywords you should be targeting
  • - How to assess your current on-page indexing strategy
  • - How pull your (and competitor’s) keyword rankings
  • - How to gauge where your brand stands relative to competitors