Power Digital Announces Creative Affinity.

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B2C Marketing for leading consumer brands.


"Standing out from the noise" isn't enough.

Agencies claim they’ll target your audience in their buy-ready moments. For us, that’s the easy part. We go further by positioning you as the only real choice before your audience even realizes their desire to buy.

You become a mind reader at every customer touchpoint – generating repeat buyers and larger purchase orders from leads who trust your brand and crave your product.

And when it comes to your trust, we earn it at every stage of our partnership:

Free Opportunity Appraisal

See our research findings and our custom strategy proposal before a contract is signed.

Brand-Specific D2C Experts

Work with D2C experts that understand the metrics, trends, and challenges of your industry.

Transparent Reporting

Know what marketing campaigns we’re running and how they’re working anytime in your custom dashboard.

What people are saying
CMO, Jenny Craig
"First and foremost, they focus on your ROI. Rare is the agency that when you ask them to give you an estimate of the impact of their SEO efforts, will actually give you a percentage increase forecast and then proceed to exceed it.”
CMO, Jenny Craig
What people are saying

Keep up with the new demand.

Every cog in your marketing machine is turning towards the same goal: move more products. 

Whether it means later nights or out-of-scope adjustments, we don’t pop the champagne until you see profound revenue impact. We get it done, without being asked.

Brandon Maskell, Director of Marketing
"Their team really is an extension of our marketing department and always puts our needs and best interest at the forefront of their decision making. They know our business and industry extremely well. No questions, Power Digital is a great fit for us as an eCommerce website."
Brandon Maskell, Director of Marketing
What people are saying

Get custom strategy that considers your entire sales structure.

Marketing that gets profound results is never one size fits all. 

We look at your product cost, profit margin, and unique positioning opportunities to craft a marketing strategy custom to your business.

Lori, VP of Marketing, TomboyX
"I was expecting to see results. I'm not sure if I was expecting to see them that quickly. We've seen a number of new keywords ranking year over year and a lot of those are on the first page for very competitive keywords."
Lori, VP of Marketing, TomboyX
What people are saying

Shorten your time to ROI.

With access to thousands of analytics accounts and years of auditing B2C clients, we’ve done our homework. 

We already know the trends, metrics, and seasonality of your industry – so you get your ROI faster, without paying us to figure out how.

Tim Trzepacz, Director of Commercial Operations, Victrola
“The results have been incredible. With Power Digital, it feels like they’re in our trench, supporting and understanding us. They’re like a partner and mentor in helping us get where we want to be.”
Tim Trzepacz, Director of Commercial Operations, Victrola
What people are saying

Reel in on-the-fence buyers, past customers, and new audiences.

From the first touchpoint to the post-click experience, your customer’s entire buying journey is mapped out and strategized.

Your revenue benefits from out-of-the-box targeting, remarketing, and messaging strategies that push limits and get results.

Get your no-strings opportunity appraisal and see our expertise in action.

Discover where you stand among the competition and how we plan to set you apart – for free.

We’ve made the agency choosing process a little bit easier. If you want to:
  1. Focus on making and delivering great products instead of generating demand for them…

  2. Break through your growth plateau and increase your market share with collaborators who’ve been there and done that…

  3. Always see what we’re doing and how it’s working in a way that’s easy to understand and report on…

  4. Feel confident you made the most lucrative choice and get easy executive buy-in…

Here’s how we make your audit a win-win:

Zero Pressure

Your audit is free forever with no strings attached, despite how deep we dive.

Transparent Baseline

We put a spotlight on your opportunity gaps and missed opportunities in your current marketing efforts.

Growth Strategy

Get quick wins and actionable insights you can implement immediately, as well as high-level plans for the long run.

Hit the Ground Running

If you decide to partner with us, we’re already months ahead.

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