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Elevate your Business
with Data-Driven Decisions

Data is the foundation for informing and guiding everything we do at Power Digital. We simplify your sprawling datasets into clear, actionable strategies to propel your company forward.

Our goal? Leveraging your data to better focus on customer acquisition, enhancing retention, and boosting your bottom line.

Our Data Intelligence Offering is fueled by


Our proprietary technology fuels everything we do–providing marketers and business leaders with data backed customer insights, media plans, and custom measurement capabilities.

Business Intelligence

We go a layer deeper to evaluate your business as a whole unpacking marketing data, unit economics, P&Ls, distribution, and strategic frameworks to deliver simple solutions against complex data sets.


With over 50+ partners in our network, we consolidate complex technology stacks under one roof through our own technology integrations and custom measurement capabilities.


We dive deep into your campaigns with a blended methodology that goes beyond the typical metrics. Our team combines experiment-led design, marketing science, and business KPIs to give you a holistic view of your performance.

Our Commitment, Your Growth.

Our unique lens focuses on your business KPIs and financial performance.

With our proprietary measurement framework and nova technology, we measure the true incremental impact of your media spend. Gone are the days of unchecked growth at any expense. We focus on a P&L-centric growth strategy favoring profitable customer acquisition over meaningless vanity metrics

Discover how our strategic growth solutions leverage advanced technology to deliver impactful, measurable results.
  1. Data Operations - Precision in Every Pixel

    Ad platforms are receiving fewer signals, causing ad performance to suffer. We close those gaps with server-side implementation of third-party marketing tracking, ensuring more conversions feed directly into the algorithms.This isn’t just data collection; it’s making your data work smarter, targeting more accurately, and cutting down your customer acquisition cost.

  2. Cutting-Edge Tools for A Competitive Edge

    Built by data scientists, honed by marketing experts. With our proprietary technology, nova, we’re leveraging the best of AI, machine learning, and statistical models to predict, forecast, and understand your customers.

  3. Marketing Science and Measurement Methodologies

    With the changing tides of marketing, it’s becoming more difficult to understand what’s really working. We co-author a testing and measurement plan to validate your marketing across channels. We do this through experiment led and custom measurement methodologies such as Matched Market Testing (MMTs), Regression Analysis, Mixed Media Modeling, and more. Together, we develop a strategic map to smarter spending and stronger results.

  4. Customer Analytics

    We analyze your first-party data to uncover trends in acquisition, retention, churn, and essential metrics such as LTV:CAC. Find out if you’re making a profit from your customers–by cohort or by month of acquisition. We’ll dive deep into who your customer is, how much revenue they bring in, and how much they cost to acquire. By integrating data from all channels, we craft a cohesive narrative of your customer’s journey.

  5. Business Intelligence

    When it comes to data, one size does not fit all. That’s where Power Digital stands out. We don’t just gather your data. We tailor the architecture of your data systems to align with your unique business objectives, campaign structure, and KPIs.

  6. Data Engineering

    Our expertise in ETL processes, data engineering, and cloud data warehousing is not just about centralizing information. It’s about crafting a bespoke, transparent framework as unique as your brand. Beyond the off-the-shelf solutions and third-party apps, we deliver a personalized data ecosystem that’s built for your company’s specific needs, driving decisions that are informed, strategic, and unequivocally yours.

  7. Results - Success You Can Measure

    With improved ROI and deep customer insights, our services translate into real growth. Notably, clients who have adopted our P&L-centric growth strategy have witnessed 14% faster revenue growth compared to those who don’t.

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What people are saying
How Power Digital’s Data Intelligence Team Pivoted a Leading Retail Brand's Strategy, Aiming at a Projected $221M in Revenue
What people are saying

A Quick Glance:

Using advanced data modeling, analytics, and market insights, we crafted a data-backed marketing strategy for a prominent retail brand. With a 95% confidence in sales forecasting, we identified TikTok and Influencers as key growth catalysts. By pinpointing channels primed for scaling and recommending shifts—such as pivoting from Facebook to TikTok and embracing Pinterest—we not only enhanced the brand’s marketing impact but also set them on a trajectory for a notable revenue uptick.

Transform your data with Power Digital

We’ll simplify complex datasets into strategic action to propel your business forward.