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Catalina Crunch Fuels Explosive Omnichannel Revenue Growth Online and In-Store With Strategic Retail Marketing Playbook

The Results


Increase in Amazon revenue YoY


Increase in instacart revenue YoY


Additional revenue through brick and mortar retailers


Catalina Crunch, a keto-friendly snack brand, was staring down aggressive revenue growth goals in the Amazon and online retail space. An increasingly crowded competitive landscape, comparatively low brand recognition, and fragmentation of data were headwinds making these goals even more daunting. They sought expertise to navigate the rapidly expanding world of online retailers and media platforms in order to build awareness, affinity, demand, and customer loyalty across distinct consumer bases.


Through a full-funnel retail marketing strategy championed by Power Digital, Catalina Crunch exceeded their aggressive goals with remarkable YoY revenue growth. They were able to effectively allocate their media dollars in an overwhelming retail media landscape, reaching the right customers across platforms, acquiring them through conversion-ready, SEO-optimized product pages, and retaining them through calibrated remarketing strategies. To further fuel the funnel, Power Digital leveraged Amazon’s first-party data to launch strategically targeted display ad campaigns targeting new user acquisition, measuring both online and in-store impact across Amazon and Whole Foods.

Power Digital’s strategic optimizations, synchronization of strategies across retail channels, and insights into customer consideration journeys played a pivotal role.


Retail marketing proved instrumental in catalyzing Catalina Crunch’s revenue growth and overall brand success. Their notable results include a 47% YoY increase in Amazon revenue, a staggering 144% YoY surge in Instacart revenue that landed them on Instacart’s list of top 50 emerging brands, and an additional $1.3 million in revenue from brick-and-mortar retail, driven by digital tactics.

By leveraging data-propelled, expertly-coordinated strategies, Power Digital’s partnership unlocked the potential of retail channels for Catalina Crunch, solidifying their position as a thriving force in the market, poised for continued success in the future.

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