Power Digital Announces Creative Affinity.

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Branding & creative services to enhance your brand & marketing strategy.

Turn words on a page into a branded experience with creative design solutions that catch eyes and turn heads.

Take control of how your brand is seen and how your marketing is remembered.

It’s not enough to let your messaging paint a picture for your audience. The human brain craves images like a kid craves candy.

The visual aesthetic of your brand – from web design to graphics – has the power to attract, trigger emotions, and burn a lasting impression in your customer’s mind. 

With specialized creatives from our marketing agency on your team, you can orchestrate this visual impression as a key part of your overall marketing.

With on-brand, conversion-focused graphic design woven throughout your marketing efforts, you will:

Create A Memorable Brand Experience

See Conversion And Revenue Lift

Stand Out In Your Industry

What people are saying
Tim Trzepacz, Director of Commercial Operations, Victrola
“The results have been incredible. With Power Digital, it feels like they’re in our trench, supporting and understanding us. They’re like a partner and mentor in helping us get where we want to be.”
Tim Trzepacz, Director of Commercial Operations, Victrola
What people are saying

Want to grow your e-commerce footprint, but need a proactive partner to guide you?

Let Power Digital create the tailored, integrated digital marketing strategy that drives reach and revenue for your unique brand.

CMO, Jenny Craig
"First and foremost, they focus on your ROI. Rare is the agency that when you ask them to give you an estimate of the impact of their SEO efforts, will actually give you a percentage increase forecast and then proceed to exceed it.”
CMO, Jenny Craig
What people are saying

Keep up with the new demand.

Every cog in your marketing machine is turning towards the same goal: move more products.  Whether it means later nights or out-of-scope adjustments, we don't pop the champagne until you see profound revenue impact. We get it done, without being asked.

Kristina Quinn, Vice President of Marketing
“PDM has been the center of our digital transformation. We went from a start-up to a global solution, and they played an integral role in all aspects of that growth. They support us in digital marketing, SEO, content strategy, Social Media, marketing operations, UX/UI, CRO, and web development. With the support of their forward-thinking sound strategies and in-house experts, we have grown all KPIs by double and triple digits.”
Kristina Quinn, Vice President of Marketing
What people are saying

Skip the trial and error. Grow bigger, faster.

Your team members are hand picked for B2B experience in your industry - their strategies are never a guess.

Design solutions that make every customer-facing asset a tailor made experience.

Transform the look and feel of your brand at every touchpoint. The possibilities include:

Full-Service Branding Services

Strategy, assets, and guidelines to develop and maintain cohesive brand identity.

Email Creative

Design and best practices that make your campaigns stand out in a crowded inbox.

Social Media & Banner Ads

Compliant and engaging creative assets for all of your social campaigns.

Landing Page Design

Conversion focused page design that’s tested and tweaked for best results.

Sales Enablement Material

Professional and enticing sales resources from pitch decks to service summaries.

Print Material

Visually stunning physical marketing materials from business cards to postcards.

Frequently Asked Questions about Creative

What is a creative audit?

The Power Digital creative audit is a crucial step in the methodology of our branding services. Our team will perform a comprehensive review of all your current creative assets and design elements in order to gain a deep understanding of the current state of your brand strategy. Specific elements of evaluation include deployment across channels, market fit, specific creative assets, and landing pages. We then use these findings to inform the development of an insightful brand strategy and corresponding creative assets to grab the attention of your target market and grow your business.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is typically a standalone web page that is designed and generated in connection to a specific marketing or advertising campaign. This page is where the customer will land when they click through any ad, social post, or blog that is part of the campaign. This can help with revenue attribution and lead generation as well. Landing pages are designed with a single objective or conversion goal in mind, such as a newsletter sign up or contact information collection.

What are brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines are essentially a set of established rules that determine the appearance of your brand in a given situation. Some of the basic information that may be included is an overview of your brand’s history, vision, and personality, as well as key values such as colors, fonts, and images that are to be used. This helps to ensure that there is consistency in how your brand is displayed across a variety of channels, thereby increasing the brand awareness and recognition by your customers. Brand guidelines are also sometimes referred to as brand standards, a style guide, or a brand book.

What people are saying
"I wanted to take the time and personally email you to say thank you. You have a fantastic team! I was constantly impressed with their level of expertise and willingness to go the extra mile."
Senior Marketing Manager, NewSchool of Architecture
What people are saying

Get a full board branding transformation or a la carte creative services.

Our suite of creative strategists will collaborate with you to uncover the design needs within your digital marketing strategy.

From reinventing your brand identity to designing individual assets, we can provide as much or as little design help as you need.

"Grayson and his team at Power Digital Marketing are a force to be reckoned with. I've worked with so many agencies and very few impressed me the way PDM and Grayson have."
CMO, Jenny Craig
What people are saying

Mix creativity with conversion strategy.

At the end of the day, our job is to boost your bottom line. We track the data to see how design could be hindering conversions, find opportunities to improve, then test again.

The end result is a visually stunning asset that drives clicks, sign-ups, and sales.

"We have worked with Power Digital for several years and they have proven over and over again to be a reliable digital marketing partner. Their team really is an extension of our marketing department and always put our needs and best interest at the forefront of their decision making."
Brandon Maskell, Director of Marketing, Soccerloco
What people are saying

Get design tweaks and asset creation whenever you need them.

As a part of our ongoing partnership, you get continuous creative support for your design needs as they arise and shift.

Enjoy the convenience, quick turnaround times, and expertise of having an in-house design team without hiring in-house.

"I wish I would have found you guys years ago."
Director of Marketing and Communications, NewSchool of Architecture
What people are saying

Creative marketing powered by AI technology.

Our machine learning AI, nova, creates your custom strategy based on hundreds of data points and thousands of analyzed competitors.  

As results flow in, nova also keeps track of our progress across all channels using its intuitive scoreboard.

Here are the steps we take to make your branding and marketing more powerful:


Before a contract is ever signed, we pop the hood on your business with a detailed audit. You get an in-depth report on what’s working, what’s not, and what opportunities we’ve found for serious growth.


Based on our audit of your current creative assets as well as a competitive analysis, we’ll craft a creative brief and detailed strategy.

This will guide us in our collaboration with you to fill gaps, correct inconsistencies, and deliver stunning visuals for your brand.


Our team gets to work creating designs and assets for use across your marketing campaigns.

You get a cohesive, beautiful brand identity that leaves a resounding impression on your audience.

Results, Rinse, Repeat

Enjoy a consistent revenue increase as you attract the attention of new and existing customers with your brand aesthetic.

As a part of our ongoing partnership, our team is always ready to deliver new assets and optimize old ones as strategies shift.

Get your free, no-strings proposal audit that other creative agencies would bill for.

You'll receive an in-depth audit of your:
  1. Brand Assets

    and their usage to identify gaps and needs in your creative strategy.

  2. Customer and Market Fit

    to see if your current designs are attracting your target customers.

  3. Brand Development

    to help you establish branding guidelines for consistent recognition.

  4. Landing Pages

    and their metrics to see how changes to design can increase conversions.

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