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Business strategy consulting firms are good at top-line business strategy but are less executional. Agencies are focused on marketing but often lack a holistic view.

Insert Power Digital.

The marketing agency you can hold accountable to advise and execute.

Our consulting offering is fueled by


Our proprietary technology fuels everything we do–providing marketers and business leaders with data backed customer insights, media plans, and custom measurement capabilities.

Growth Strategy

Our expertise in marketing strategy is rooted in sustainable business growth– understanding unit economics, distribution, P&Ls and charting new possibilities for brands is our benchmark.


With over 50+ partners in our network, we are able to consolidate complex technology stacks under one roof through our own technology integrations and custom measurement capabilities.


Last click attribution doesn’t paint the full picture. Understanding how investments, decisions and pillars of your business are impacting your incremental revenue is essential to growth. Our data intelligence team digs in and builds customs reports for leaders to get the clarity they need.

Our Marketing Consulting Services

We’ll combine business, audience, messaging, and channel strategy to deploy creative concepts that drive results. Then, we’ll continue to identify new areas of opportunity, growth, and expansion.

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Over the last 10+ years, we developed a strategic consulting framework grounded in data and proven to unlock sustainable growth.
  1. GTM Strategy

    A deep dive analysis into seven key facets of our growth framework to ensure a successful launch or digital transformation.

  2. Media Planning Playbook

    Strategically allocate marketing resources, determine the best methods for reaching the target audience, and maximize the effectiveness, incrementality, and efficiency of media campaigns.

  3. Incrementality Testing

    Nothing is worse than wasting money. Move off last click attribution and leverage our measurement framework to understand which investments are driving incremental revenue for your business. We enable brands to optimize, scale and even reduce investments with our measurement frameworks and proprietary technology.

  4. Quarterly Business Review

    We offer independent assessment of progress against strategy along with access to our cutting edge technology and best in class advisory support. This includes performance reviews, competitive benchmarking, macro/ market trends, testing roadmap updates, refreshed opportunity analysis, and channel audits.

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What people are saying

A Quick Glance:

Utilizing the power of nova, in collaboration with the nation’s leading Data Scientists and Digital Marketers, our team was able to accurately forecast and delineate the most effective strategies that would successfully help the brand scale within 6 months to increase investor interest, magnify the company’s valuation, and ultimately secure funding.

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Complex Business Problems, Simplified.

Need support with an audience co-hort? Moving off last-click attribution? Increasing margin? We can support business strategy consulting needs big and small.