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DataQ is a cutting-edge first-party data analysis tool that taps into otherwise elusive, yet game-changing customer insights to drive profitability and business growth.


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Learn About Your Customer Base from 1st Party Ecommerce Data.

At the forefront of the digital transformation, the user-friendly platform allows marketers to fully analyze customer value and demographics, thereby helping educate and strengthen campaign strategies. Leveraging first-party data to increase relevance scores through improved match rates within ad platforms, DataQ enables marketers to leverage both their customer database and the plethora of data that ad platforms offer to make more informed decisions.

DataQ takes the chaos out of audience data and provides marketers with actionable insights they can immediately put into play in paid media campaigns.

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DataQ allows you to:

Grow your customer base.

Maximize return on ad spend.

Increase purchase frequency.

Optimize customer lifetime value.


What people are saying
“They are very professional and creative. Their team is very dedicated and passionate about their work and the brand. The team adapts to the budget really well and usually surpasses the results. I am extremely happy with their team and the deliverables.”
CEO, ViX Paula Hermanny
What people are saying

increase in revenue

Be more targeted and effective in maximizing sales, repeat purchases and lifetime value for your ecommerce website.

DataQ analyzes your first party ecommerce data to better understand customer demographics, purchase behavior patterns, new vs returning customers, seasonal performance, and a variety of other insights that will allow you to better segment customers into different audiences for your marketing efforts.

The seamless and quick integration into different commerce platforms (Shopify, Magento, etc), paid marketing platforms and email platforms allows you to tailor marketing strategies for different customer segments.

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Robust Analytics

View key e-Commerce metrics that will drive a growth in sales that are not found within traditional marketing or analytics platforms.

Customer Insights

Get insightful data on who your current customers are based on more specific criteria than your typical demographic data found within external reporting platforms.

Customer Segmentation

Segment existing customers within your ecommerce platform into meaningful customer segments that can be leveraged within marketing programs.

Audience Optimization

Quickly create audiences that dynamically feed into paid marketing platforms such as AdWords, Facebook, email campaigns and others to more effectively send the right message to the right customer at the appropriate time.

What people are saying
"I consider Power Digital an extension of my marketing team and a trusted strategic advisor. I am grateful for their phenomenal level of customer service and for their efforts in helping us extend our reach and meet our goals."
Director of Marketing & Communications, Newschool of Architecture
What people are saying

Done-for-you email marketing at the hands of experts who've done it all before.

Get year’s worth of email expertise that you can instantly apply to your email program to achieve your business goals.

From copy to coding and strategy to automation, all the moving parts of your email marketing machine will feel frictionless.

"The addition of the Power Digital has had a marked impact on our *online presence and the strategies we use to reach our guests*. Their team has truly become an extension of our own and we’re able to work hand-in-hand to achieve our marketing objectives."
Allison Jones, VP of Marketing, Berkshire Hathaway
What people are saying

Work with email specialists who speak the language of your industry and your audience.

Generalized email marketers don’t get you and the people you sell to. And it shows in their copy and results.

Instead, we put people on your team who know how to speak and sell to your customers authentically and persuasively.

"I cannot speak highly enough about the support and results we have had from them. Our month on month organic growth has been steady and continuous. They presented visuals as well as strategy and we are now in the process of implementing their recommendations."
CEO, Remodel Works
What people are saying

The technical side is just another thing you won't have to worry about.

There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes to increase your presence, become a familiar face, and get the sale. 

Your service provider, segmentation, and automation are some of the details we customize and manage for you.

"I wish I would have found you guys years ago."
Director of Strategic Partnerships, Shipware
What people are saying

Email Marketing powered by AI technology.

DataQ is our secret weapon; a proprietary AI technology capable of uncovering any business’s most viable opportunities and then building a plan to execute on them.

And as data aggregates, nova gets smarter, giving you continuously adapting strategies that get consistent results.

Here’s how you can start leveraging DataQ today to sell more through your store:

Quick Integration

Quickly integrate DataQ by finding it in the app store and adding it to your store with just a few clicks, or reach out to one of our team members to get you started with the integration.

Data Population

Once integrated, data will start to populate within the platform from your e-Commerce into DataQ. This is quick and will allow you to access insights and utilize audiences in no time.

Insight Generation

DataQ will take your data and create insights based on out of the box reports and customer segments. You can also create additional insights and reports.

Audience Optimization

Create audiences based on various targeting criteria and dynamically sync these audiences to marketing platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or your email market platforms to more effectively market and maximize revenue from advertising campaigns.

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