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How TomboyX’s Page One Search Rankings Rocketed by 175% Thanks to Power Digital

TomboyX selected Power Digital to give them the search engine surge they needed. Power Digital came up with a master plan to get TomboyX’s organic presence where they wanted it to be.


The Results

175%Jump in page one rankings

51%Rise in new sessions and users

50%Spike in organic revenue


Ambitious Plans To Scale Undermined by An Underperforming Organic Presence


In a fiercely competitive space like online fashion, achieving a good position on search engines is as important as having a great location in the physical world. For TomboyX, this was proving a real pain point.

They were great at using paid social channels to build the sort of cult following other consumer brands could only dream of. But their plans to scale fast were being held back by poor search engine rankings and a serious shortage of organic traffic to their website.

If they could improve their SEO strategy and produce better content, they’d reach a wider audience, increase sales—and take the strain off their marketing budget.

“We recognized that we had very little organic presence and awareness on non-branded keywords, and that needed to change,” said VP of Marketing, Lori Gatto. “If we could get more traction from organic search, we could start to complement the wins we were getting from paid channels with more sustainable traffic and revenue.”

But they had a familiar challenge to overcome first. From a budget perspective, hiring internally was out of the question. But recruiting an outside agency brought its own anxieties.

TomboyX was concerned that an external agency wouldn’t capture the strong brand voice and vision they’d carefully created. They wanted to grow their e-commerce sales—but not at the expense of letting go of their core message and audience.

“We needed a partner that would take time to understand what our business needs were, what the prioritization of our products were, and one that could produce an SEO and content strategy that was true to the brand and attracted the right customers,” said Lori.

TomboyX was brimming with enthusiasm to move from the middle of the pack to leaders in their space. But they needed to go after organic traffic to do that.

If they could find a strategic partner to help them purposefully grow their business through broadening their organic channel, they’d get their brand where they really wanted it to be.

What people are saying
Lori Gatto, VP of Marketing, TomboyX
“What’s really stood out about Power Digital is that their response time and attention to detail are really strong. They take your feedback and they act on it.”
Lori Gatto, VP of Marketing, TomboyX
What people are saying

Improve your search rankings and watch the revenue roll in

With Power Digital you can broaden your audience and enjoy the rewards as they engage more and spend more.


Reaching More Of Their Target Audience With Improved SEO and Content That Resonates


TomboyX selected Power Digital to give them the search engine surge they needed. When Lori joined the business a year later, the partnership really began to thrive.

Power Digital came up with a master plan to get TomboyX’s organic presence where they wanted it to be, including:

  • On-page SEO – Focusing on keyword research and targeting, recommendations for new fashion collection pages, and suggestions for targeted blog content to secure keyword rankings.
  • Technical SEO – updating the website’s architecture to make it easier for search engines to crawl.
  • Off-page SEO – focusing on getting more organic traction by improving the visibility of the site through better backlinks.

Alongside these proven tactics, Power Digital took time to really understand TomboyX’s unique brand, voice, and identity.

They worked with Lori to understand their core customer personas—and emerging ones— and connected them to high-volume keywords that mapped against the user journey.

They also collaborated to create an array of content that told TomboyX’s story in a captivating, engaging and on-brand way. While capturing their unique identity wasn’t easy, Power Digital listened to feedback and reacted positively, embracing the team’s advice at every stage.

“What’s really stood out about Power Digital is that their response time and attention to detail is really strong. They take your feedback and they act on it.” “Weekly calls helped us stay on top of the initiatives that were put forth, and the great thing was they never missed the call,” said Lori. “I think just in general, they’re fun partners to work with and a good group of people.”

With clear plans locked down, Power Digital jumped on weekly calls with Lori to review progress together and ensure they were achieving the results she needed. Lori really appreciated this personal touch.


51% Rise In New Users, and a 50% Spike In Organic Revenue


Implementing the changes recommended by Power Digital has seen TomboyX’s first page rankings soar by 175%. This has naturally led to a massive boost in organic traffic to the website.

“I’m so excited by the results we’ve had,” said Lori. “And you know, that’s continued—we’ve seen a 51% rise in new users and sessions year on year.”

Before Power Digital, TomboyX wasn’t ranking for any non-brand keywords. Now, they hold prominent positions and drive large volumes of organic traffic back to the website.

“On the non-brand side, there’s a lot of really great wins that we’ve seen,” said Lori. “You know, keywords ranking that we were never ranking for before, like rainbow bras, girl boxers, gender neutral underwear. All those keywords are on page one now!”

For example, through Power Digital’s efforts, TomboyX was able to achieve the top-ranking position for the term “boy shorts”. As a result, this has become TomboyX’s number-one selling underwear style.

Importantly for the business, this vast new wave of organic traffic has translated into a 50% increase in revenue. As well as bringing a welcome boost to their bottom line, it’s lifted the pressure on the team’s marketing budget.

“What some of the organic search has been able to help us do is augment some of our paid spend to help us push our dollars further,” said Lori. “By getting more efficient in our lower cost channels, it’s freed up more dollars to invest and scale our paid channels too.”

While marketing numbers are important, Lori appreciates how Power Digital looks beyond them and cares about the overall impact on her business. She really values having a strategic partner that supports her goals, is always enthusiastic, and does what they say they will.

“I think of Power Digital as an extension of our team—and I believe you’re only ever as good as your business partners,” said Lori. “What often happens with agencies is they tend to fizzle out after a while and lose their excitement for your brand. But Power Digital keeps us at the forefront, gives us consistency, and makes us feel important.”

With Power Digital, TomboyX now has the 360-degree, digital robustness to keep scaling fast. They continue to purposefully grow their business through organic channels, and reach out to more and more new users who connect with their brand.

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