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How Berkshire Hathaway Home Services California Properties Reached 4.1M People With First-to-Market Influencer Campaigns

In recent years, swirling changes in the real estate market had been creating new risks and challenges for established brokerage Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties (BHHS California).

What we wanted to achieve

  • Holding on to market position in hyper- competitive sector
  • Finding it tougher than ever to recruit agents, buyers, and sellers
  • Looking for new, dynamic marketing tactics to stand out from the competition

What we did

  • Social influencer outreach that gets the brand in front of a new, engaged audience
  • Dynamic Facebook advertising, which drives traffic, leads, and sales
  • Innovative strategy to become thought leader in real estate space

The Results

147KEngagements from working with Influencers

23%Click-through rate on dynamic Facebook ads

What people are saying
Allison Jones, VP, Marketing, BHHS
“Power Digital helps us stand out from the competition. They bring us new ideas and strategies outside of traditional real estate marketing and really make us push that envelope to do things differently.”
Allison Jones, VP, Marketing, BHHS
What people are saying

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Seeking stronger digital tactics to break through noise in a hyper competitive sector.

With established names and newer disruptors fighting for a chunk of the market, it was becoming harder to recruit and retain agents, let alone attracting the volume of buyers and sellers needed to protect their position.

Customers’ habits were changing, too. Traditional marketing channels, like newspapers and magazine advertising, weren’t resonating with a significant section of their demographic. Adding to the challenge was the fact that every rival had access to many of the same offline and online marketing assets.

The company needed to find new and innovative ways to stand out from the crowd; fresh ideas that linked back to their company goals, but which created a critical point of difference and would create a buzz around the brand.

BHHS California set about searching for a digital agency that shared its passion for inventive, modern marketing and acquisition tactics. One thing was clear—they didn’t want to recruit just another real estate vendor.

If BHHS California could move to the leading edge of digital marketing, they’d be able to boost traffic, leads, and sales. More importantly, they’d have a refreshed brand profile that would get agents fired up about working for them. Meaning more retention, more recruitment, and more success.


Influencer campaigns and dynamic facebook advertising that stepped out of digital status quo.

BHHS California knew they’d found the right partner as soon as they talked to Power Digital.

Power Digital organized several strategy sessions, attended by their full account team, to understand BHHS California’s current digital approach and unlock what they needed to do to improve.

With a mandate to really push the boundaries, Power Digital presented a fresh and exciting scope of work, including:

Social influencer marketing

  1. Power Digital dug into its unique database of 65,000 influencers and shortlisted those looking to buy or sell a home.
  2. They paired BHHS California’s agents with relevant influencers, who then posted about their real estate journey to followers across their channels, including Instagram Stories.
  3. This generated social proof among the influencers’ followers, who trust their content and act on their recommendations.
  4. Power Digital managed the relationships and campaigns, so BHHS California could enjoy the results, without any of the legwork involved in finding, contracting, and steering the relationship.
  5. Power Digital took things a step further by introducing influencer ‘whitelisting’. This involved integrating content from the partnerships into BHHS California’s Facebook advertising strategy to promote more authentic and human content.

Transformative Facebook advertising

  • Power Digital introduced DARE ads—these are dynamic ads driven by BHHS California’s own data to show the right homes to the right people at the right time.
  • During ‘open house’ events, Power Digital creates ads for every single open house listing, which is sometimes in excess of 400. This drives more traffic, increases exposure to their agents, and builds reach and recognition for the business as a whole.
  • Pixel tracking is another productive new strategy. If a customer views a property on BHHS California’s site and then jumps to social media, they’ll be served up an ad that shows similar properties, based on their preferences, which drives them back to the site.

The introduction of influencer marketing moved BHHS California’s tactics from traditional to truly transformational.


4.1 M People reached and a refreshed brand position as trusted thought leader in real estate.

Thanks to its partnership with Power Digital, BHHS California has adopted innovative digital tactics that have been wildly successful.

Its social influencer programs have reached 4.1m people via Instagram posts. And these have received more than 147,000 engagements, which shows the brand is really cutting through the noise.

When the campaigns are run, traffic generated from Instagram Stories alone is consistently BHHS California’s number 2 or 3 referral source. Previously, the channel wasn’t generating any traffic at all.

The influencer campaigns have brought fantastic results for BHHS California’s agents too. Those involved in the partnerships have sold homes as a direct result, gained increased exposure and multiple leads. It’s also created a buzz around the brand that’s a rarity in real estate.

BHHS California’s innovative Facebook campaigns have also delivered strong numbers.

The success of working with Power Digital goes deeper than marketing metrics. By leading the way with new strategies, BHHS California has positioned itself as a thought leader in its sector. Which is invaluable when you’re fighting for a competitive edge.

Before Power Digital, BHHS California couldn’t break through the noise in a hyper-competitive space. Now, they’re the sector’s flag-bearer for marketing innovation.

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