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Leveraging PR to Scale A Newly Launched Brand During COVID Leads To A $10M Series A Financing Round

The Results

57 Total Media Placements

787MMTotal Media Impressions



At the onset of the global pandemic in March 2020, Covet, Power Digital’s PR arm, was tasked with building awareness and credibility for Gardyn, a newly launched in-home food growing system. With Gardyn’s online presence essentially non-existent, Covet successfully helped the company scale and attract new customers by garnering media attention for both the brand and founder, FX Rouxel, resulting in interest from investors and ultimately led to a $10M Series A funding round less than a year later in January 2021.


In order to cement Gardyn as the industry leader in the in-home produce growing space while the brand was still in its infancy stage, Covet created a 360-degree PR strategy to elevate FX Rouxel’s thought leadership profile through mission-driven stories, and showcase how Gardyn benefits both consumers and the environment. Through the development of Gardyn’s hybriponic technologies, Covet positioned Gardyn as a disruptor brand that has reimagined the future of food and the food supply chain through sustainable growing practices and educating consumers about the benefits of consuming nutrition home grown food.


As a result, Covet successfully won two top-tier awards for the brand (meeting the KPI goal of two awards by EOY), TIME Magazine’s Invention Of The Year Awards, and Business Intelligence’s Sustainability Product Of The Year. In tandem with the awards, Covet’s strategic media outreach efforts secured over 787MM media impressions, exceeding the KPI goal by 423%, and is tracking at 89% success for placements. Widespread coverage and praise from top-tier outlets include, CNET, Real Simple, Women’s Health, VentureBeat, The Washington Post, TODAY Show (broadcast), TODAY Show Online, Forbes, Martha Stewart Living and more.

Through successfully establishing Gardyn as the pioneer in home grown produce systems with a steady cadence of media coverage, Gardyn tasked Covet with announcing the $10 million Series A funding round almost a year later.

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