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Revitalizing the Online Identity for San Diego Housing Commission

What we wanted to achieve

  • Allow users to easily navigate the site with little to no technical knowledge or experience
  • Provide an easier way to edit and deploy new pages and content
  • Increase the site's usability and structure with a new sitemap and page flow

What we did

  • Block design with color theory to help funnel users into the right areas
  • Custom CMS design and development using Wordpress
  • Full SEO architecture analysis and implementation


The San Diego Housing Commission last updated their site back in 2012 and were looking for an updated design that would allow for their users to navigate the site comfortably and freely. Their user base is not the most tech savvy, so the challenge lied in producing a ton of content and areas to navigate but displayed in a simple fashion with a clear user path. Another challenge came from updated branding and adding new features to their site like a map locator, archives, and a customized form to tailor user experiences.


As stated before, our strategy came from a place of simplicity, looking to provide a user experience that would take 1-3 clicks to get where they wanted to go. The SDHC provides a ton of info and resources for their users, and often times that can be lost in the design of the site. We created unique experiences for the six areas of their site:

  • Housing Opportunities
  • Doing Business With Us
  • Homelessness Solutions
  • SDHC Achievement Academy
  • Governance & Legislative Affairs
  • About Us

This helps build familiarity with the user within the layout and colors used in each section.


  • Easier user experience for specific user base
  • Improved backend management of SDHC divisions
  • Successful SEO migration of all pages
  • Better load times influencing higher rankings on Google
  • Map locator added for zip code search of properties
  • Responsive nature

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