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Mirroring the Experience of Exploration, Digitally, with LaJolla.com

For LaJolla.com, we focused on the user’s point of view, traveling on the go and needing resources to quickly know where to go.

The Results

+5,000In keyword ranked in the top 100 in a 4-month span after launch

300+Blog posts migrated and styled

60+La Jolla-based hotel, restaurant, and business profiles


LaJolla.com is a prominent blog and tourist guide for anyone who comes to San Diego looking for recreational and dining experiences in the heart of the beach area. They came to us with an issue with the way their site was structured and built. Normally, a blog is built so that a user can post a blog and have consistent styling to the rest of the site. However, in their case, they had to go in and do custom styling every time, the backend was a mess, and the design was very tricky to get right.

In addition, LaJolla.com needed a better mobile UX. We focused on the user’s point of view, traveling on the go and needing resources quick for where to go. That’s where our mobile play came from.


The main strategy behind the design, flow, and navigation of the site is to keep users engaged and wanting to explore the site as if they were exploring La Jolla on their own. We wanted to bring the areas of the site to life as if navigating a map.

Another goal of ours was to ensure a low bounce rate, redirecting users from posts to guides, to dining. This was done with elements on the page meant to redirect a user who had made it a certain amount down the page.

Lastly, in a very nerdy way, the structural organization of the menu and the backend is beautiful. We keyed in on making sure the site was easy to maintain, the menu was clear to navigate, and everyone understood fully the purpose of the site.


  • Optimal user experience
  • Better technical SEO foundation with the new site, allowing for SEO growth
  • Better load times influencing higher rankings on Google
  • Grew from 13,000 rankings in April to 18,000 in July
  • Increased traffic from April – July and increased amount of keywords LaJolla.com ranked for after launch

Overall, the combination of these strategies resulted in a lower bounce rate and has shown a gradual uptick in keyword rankings.

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