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Enhancing the Online Portfolio Website of Gilliland Construction Management

The Results

15+Designed and Developed Page Templates

90%Improvement in Overall Site Speed


The challenge with Gilliland was where they started from… Their old website housed a minimal amount of content, imagery and even pages. Our job was to be able to convey the numerous projects they have in the best light with all new content, focusing mainly on how the imagery tells the story and achieves the desired goal. Another challenge lied within the complex nature of the industry and the difficulty of organizing everything in a logical way. Our team needed to create a frontend and backend experience that worked for everyone involved.


Our strategy revolved around our placement of imagery, and how effective that imagery was in what order. Every slider, positioning, background, and tile was placed strategically to help us tell a story or convey the value in a project.

Since Gilliland is within a niche industry, we wanted to also help them stand out, and stand out without comparison. We looked to develop a site that could fit a tech corporation, but still allow their business to show as a construction management giant.

We also wanted to convey how the Gilliland team are experts, so the branding we used on the site was angled at providing an emotion of superiority and sophistication.


  • Modern website developed
  • New content sitewide, optimized for all pages
  • Successful SEO migration of all pages
  • Better load times influencing higher rankings on Google
  • Newer branding and pattern library for all company assets
  • Responsive nature

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