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8 Tips and Tricks to Optimize Instagram Stories for Business

March 7, 2018
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We’ve all seen them, we’ve engaged with them, and we’ve been entertained by them…but do you know how to truly utilize Instagram Stories to elevate your business?

Instagram stories are the most optimal way to get organic visibility on the Instagram App and tell full stories that a solo Instagram picture can’t.

Instagram stories are also an integral part in keeping your brand active within the social community.  And hey…if you see enough organic traction on your story with lots of views and engagements, you could be featured on the Instagram Explore Page!

Now that you understand the benefit of utilizing Instagram stories, here are a few easy tips to optimize your reach & build your brand persona.

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1. Tag relevant, like-minded brands in your stories for co-branded partnership building and visibility:

If you’re sharing a flat lay with other big name brands…tag them! Could be the first step in building a social collaboration or giveaway!

2. Use branded hashtags or commonly used hashtags in your stories where possible:

Now that you can follow hashtags specifically, use that to your advantage. Stay consistent with the hashtags you associate with your brand so your followers always know how to find you

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3. Get creative with your content and be relatable:

Stories don’t have to have that polished look that your feed photos must have in order to maintain your brand aesthetic. If you’re at an event or trade show take some video, boomerangs, and photos and upload it in real time! Let your followers feel like they’re getting to experience the excitement WITH you. Not to mention if you’re at a trade show, gives visibility to your followers as to where they can find you!


4. Use different forms of digital media: 

Boomerang, Still Imagery, Gifs, and Video?! Your opportunities are endless for getting creative & keeping your viewers engaged!

5. Let your followers be your focus group:

Integrate Polls or specific questions into your stories to improve your product development pipeline.  There’s nothing more insightful than asking your viewers themselves what they’re looking for NEXT from your brand!

6. Respond to DMs + Relationship Build:

Seems simple right? Brand affinity and solid influencer collabs stem from being personable, friendly and relatable.  Shoot your followers a quick hello if they DM you in response to your story. They’ll stay more loyal if they feel like you’re engaging back.

7. Share UGC:

This is a great way to show love to your followers without flooding your feed with UGC photos.  Weekly roundups of the best UGC is an easy way to tag your brand partners and current customers so they are more likely to continue to post about you.

8. Include Behind the Scenes Content:

Nothing makes followers feel more included in your brand than sharing behind the scenes photos, videos, product development processes, etc.  Let your followers feel like they’re in on the action! They’ll be more likely to stick around to see the finished product!

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Hopefully, these guidelines will help guide your Instagram Story-making for business.  

PS – If you are looking for any more tips and tricks for best utilizing Instagram Stories, feel free to leave a comment below!  


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