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Our Approach to Social Media Marketing & Advertising

We believe that an integrated organic and paid social strategy is key to building strong brand awareness and ultimately, driving conversions. Our data-driven strategies are crafted with the bottom line in mind. Moving beyond likes and clicks, we help you build lasting connections and relationships with users by telling your story in an authentic, meaningful way.

Discovery Call & Free Assessment

Let’s get to know each other better! We start all client relationships with an in-depth discovery call in order to better understand your brand and your business goals. Using this information, we craft a custom, actionable audit of your social media presence by examining each channel. Diving into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn this detailed audit is filled with quick wins and social media strategies that we can review together. We take the mystery out of sales by clearly outlining our suggested strategy and campaigns. No surprises here, just results.

Strategize Now!

Custom Social Strategy

Every brand has its own unique story, and we’re here to help you tell it - simple as that. Our team of organic and paid social strategists work together to craft a community management and advertising strategy that is backed by data and designed to drive revenue. Our campaigns stem from intensive research and data pulled from Google Analytics and Facebook Audience Insights. No assumptions here!

Campaign Execution

Our team is highly skilled and trained at setting campaigns up for success from day one. From advanced interest targeting via influencers to social media management, our expert team creates, monitors, analyzes, engages, and measures while reacting to results and trends. We are constantly running comprehensive A/B tests across funnel and remarketing campaigns which are designed to educate and convert prospective customers.

Measure & Optimize

Seeing progress is great, but understanding it is better. Our team lives in analytics and are constantly looking for ways to improve upon and amplify performance. Always optimizing around ROI, our team’s goals are always aligned with yours. From day one, we set aggressive KPIs and work to generate the highest CTRs, lowest CPCs, and the biggest ROI.

Technology Partners


The Draw Shop

Bottom line, I used several lead gen companies prior to Power Digital. All were dismal and over promising.
The Power Digital team takes your project and spends your dollars as if it were their own and obsesses over stats, audiences, cost of lead and results for you. Our return on dollars invested with them is well beyond what I had hoped for.
They are fluid, able to pivot on strategy when needed, always testing for improvements and messaging.

- Erik Kerr


Social + Content = Winning Formula

In the competitive landscape of social advertising, it’s critical that your brand has interesting, relevant content. Working closely with our content team, we are able to craft content that helps to segment your audience while driving higher CTRs and low CPCs. From landing pages to quizzes and search engine optimization, we tie our content and social media strategy together to nurture and guide prospects through the funnel.

Case Studies

Out of Africa

Out of Africa Wildlife Park is an outdoor safari-themed park located in Arizona. Certain months of the year are consistently “hot" for ticket sales, but getting people through the door during colder months is a much more challenging endeavor. Combating seasonality trends, our goal was to design an evergreen digital strategy to keep online sales consistent, if not increased. We integrated Facebook, AdWords and content to put the right message in front of our target audience.Over an 8-month campaign period with three “hot” months in between, we saw an overall ROAS of 324% across both the Facebook and Google channels.


Consumer Pet Products

Our e-Commerce consumer pet products client has a valuable product with a passionate following, but they were having a hard time building a following and getting engagement. We developed a unified brand image and voice to be used across their entire social marketing campaign. This included an appropriate balance of promotional materials, testimonials, and “fluff content”. We combined this content strategy with a strong Influencer Outreach campaign, leveraging like-minded, influential people to support brand on their pages. On average, their following increases by 5% a day leading to a 9,836% increase in just six months. Additionally, their engagement rate jumped significantly, increasing by nearly 2,000%.


Social Listening

Never miss an opportunity to connect with your target audience on social. Through our advanced social media monitoring and outreach platform we are able to monitor mentions of your brand and conduct outreach to new users based on keyword targeting.

Ready to Take Your Social Campaigns to the Next Level?

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No one knows your brand’s story better than you...

You talk, we listen, and translate that story into an integrated social campaign.


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