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Instagram Stories: The 24 Hour Billboard

November 16, 2017
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Instagram has become the modern-day billboard for brand marketing. Keep your followers engaged and in-the-know through the Instagram story feature. The posted story only lasts 24 hours, but the impact leaves a lasting effect on viewers. The best way to get started with Instagram stories for your brand is by simple experimentation. Get creative; don’t just tell a story, tell a lifestyle!

Tips And Tricks For Growing Your Instagram Story Presence

A 24-hour Lifespan = A Creative Tool

This is a powerful tool. Interactive stories, exciting images, or entertaining clips engage Instagram audiences. Become innovative and change the layout of stories in order to keep viewers interested day to day. Leave followers guessing what the next story will be promoting! Stories are a straightforward and free way to shift follower engagement from simply liking a post to voluntarily interacting with the brand.

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One way to keep audiences alert is by sending them on a journey via product promotion. Post multiple stories at once, all featuring items for a specific event, time of year, or new product line. As a viewer clicks through the stories, they find an item that speaks to them. They personally identify with the item, strengthening the possibility of a full customer conversion.

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Leverage The Intimacy of Stories

Take advantage of this opportunity to interact with followers. One of the newest updates to the Instagram story is the poll stickers. This allows the viewer to directly be a part of your advertisement. Letting your audience tap on an answer or pick their favorite option is the strongest way to make a follower feel connected to the brand.

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Various Forms of the Instagram Story

Live Stories: You can post live stories at events, the office, a new launch.

Link:  Try to put a direct link on the story. A few ideas include: linking to other brands that your company sells, to various channels of your website, to a brand’s Instagram influencers.

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Polls: Start to ask what products and services customers want.

Video Stories: Show a “how to” for one of your products, making customers realize a need for the item.

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