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Assisting a Natural Food Company Expand to a Broader Audience

One of our clients sells healthy food products and has a loyal fan base and following, but was looking to broaden exposure and brand awareness in the foodie and general consumer space.

The Results

54pieces of secured coverage.

36average domain authority.

10Ksocial shares.

842Kestimated coverage views


Advocates of the brand stemmed from the fact that it was one of the first companies to offer special products that cater to different diets like paleo, gluten free and vegan.

Pushing the recently launched products and getting the new flours, substitutes and alternatives in the hands of consumers was one of the goals for the client and our PR campaign focus.

Working with our Content Marketing team, who created engaging content including a Paleo and a Gluten Free Quiz, we pitched a number of different food verticals with targeted pitches, resources for their readers, and placed the product in the hands of our target audience.


Over the span of six months, our PR team created pitches to target as many verticals in the food space as possible. We pulled media lists targeting recipes, paleo, gluten free, baking, fitness, organic and healthy living blogs. We pitched the client’s blog content, quizzes, and awesome product line. One of the great benefits of having an active and informational blog is having the ability to offer the content as a resource to bloggers and editors.

When evaluating the types of blogs and outlets we wanted to reach out to, we take a look at a number of metrics to ensure that we would see success. We take into account the relevancy, domain authority of the blog, as in how trustworthy and strong it is in comparison to other websites, the trust flow of the outlet, and the volume of monthly traffic. We also confirm that the outlet is a great representation of the brand and is a medium in which we would be proud to be showcased. We want to be targeting hyper-relevant blogs where our client would be a great fit, as well as ensure the outlets we are working with are not flagged as toxic in any way in the eyes of Google. When assessing domain authority, we take into consideration the domain authority of the client, and target blogs and outlets with comparable or higher domain authorities.

We conducted outreach consistently each month and coordinated with bloggers and editors to facilitate having product delivered and answer any questions along the way.


As a result of our outreach campaign, we secured 54 pieces of coverage on blogs in every niche that we targeted. Many of the pieces of coverage included a recipe, while others included the client in a round-up along with other healthy food brands.

We look for a diversified profile of coverage that includes recipes, round-ups, and reviews (for this brand in particular was a goal). We were able to create brand awareness, drive traffic to the client’s site, drive engagement to the quiz, and increase sharing.

The average domain authority of the blogs we secured coverage on was 36. We had over 9,000 social shares and an estimated over 800,000 impressionsfrom our total pieces of secured coverage.

Both our team and the client were thrilled to see the brand included on so many authoritative and relevant websites who truly love the products and the brand. The coverage demonstrated how versatile the client’s products are and how recipes can be elevated with its quality ingredients.

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