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Boosting the Online Presence for Georgia Drug Detox

When Georgia Drug Detox came to Power Digital, their online presence was broken up into 12 mini websites for each detox and rehab center the brand managed in Georgia. As a result, they suffered from nearly non-existent search engine optimization (SEO) in this state.

The Results

1.5K% YoYIncrease in Website Traffic

1.4K%Increase in Phone Calls

YoYIncrease in Organic Traffic


Working together, we were able to consolidate all of these mini-sites into one centralized website with the location pages converted into sub-categories on the navigation menu. The design and launch of a single website not only made sense for the overall user experience but helped Georgia Drug Detox achieve two primary goals. First, the team wanted to grow the volume and quality of phone call leads the Georgia Drug Detox intake team was receiving in regards to new patients seeking treatment. Second, a singular website helped to establish Georgia Drug Detox as a trusted authority for both treatments and as a much-needed educational resource on drug abuse, recovery, how to seek help, and the alarming statistics of abuse for those currently suffering from a drug problem or the loved ones of those in need of help.


Georgia Drug Detox’s challenges could not be addressed with a simple website redesign, though that was a major part of Power Digital’s strategy to address their goals. The team also used the web development to drive SEO, PR, and content strategies to boost the performance of the website as a whole.

As a first step, the Power Digital team completely redesigned and rebranded the Georgia Drug Detox website to unify all 12 mini sites into a singular integrated website. The redesign process was focused on branding Georgia Drug Detox as an inviting, trustworthy, and conversational resource. By implementing dynamic in-content and sidebar calls to action (CTAs) throughout the entire website and blog, Power Digital was able to boost the overall perception of the Georgia Drug Detox brand.

Concurrent to the website redesign, Power Digital focused on integrating highly searched, relevant, and transactional keywords across Georgia Drug Detox’s entire site and into any blog articles that were published. By doing so, we were able to increase the visibility of the brand on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Combined with on-site SEO improvements, we identified off-site PR opportunities with link building for the most viewed and highest converting pages on the Georgia Drug Detox’s site. Opportunities were identified by each specific drug and location that the brand could address resulting in more targeted content.

Finally, we rewrote all of the website’s content from scratch using strategically target keywords based on data-backed SEO recommendations. This new content, both pages and keywords, would now serve Georgia Drug Detox as more transactional. On a continuous basis, Power Digital contributes approximately 5 blogs per month using contextual content clusters that are a mix of general information on addiction and prevention as well as locally focused topics regard the effects drug abuse has had on the state of Georgia, broadly and personally. General topics serve to build domain authority, improve rankings for high search volume keywords, and increase traffic. While local-centric content motivates Georgia residents to call Georgia Drug Detox when seeking help for addiction recovery.


Georgia Drug Detox saw incredible results from the overhaul of their website and content by implementing an SEO and PR strategy. They began to generate an average of about 50 quality phone call leads each month. This equates to a 1,400% year over year (YOY) increase in phone calls going from just 19 calls to 280. In addition, they saw a 1,500% YOY increase in website traffic as displayed below.

However, Georgia Drug Detox found themselves most excited about the increase in YOY organic traffic. Meaning their on-site efforts were paying off in a big way.

Furthermore, in June of 2018, Georgia Drug Detox’s website traffic reached an all time high of 18,608 visitors.

And in the same month, the website ranked within the top 3 for 160 different keywords and within the top 100 search results for 11,337 keywords!

At Power Digital we pride ourselves on being able to listen to our client’s goals and provide a complete solution, not just part of one. With Georgia Drug Detox we understood their goals and formulated the best possible strategy to help achieve them. In this case, that involved a complete website redesign and an emphasis on content marketing alongside SEO and PR efforts. By looking at the problem holistically, Power Digital is able to provide tangible results for our clients.

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