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Email Strategy for Instant Messaging Platform, Brosix

Brosix is a global company that specializes in creating innovative instant messaging and online communication technologies for enterprise-level businesses.

The Results

52Testimonials collected

29.82%Average open rate

8.52%Average CTR


When the Brosix team first approached Power Digital Marketing, their email strategy was very limited with the bulk of emails sent being transactional. They wanted help creating email sequences for cold leads, warm leads, and current customers – with an emphasis on nurturing their current customers. We created a nurturing sequence with two goals in mind: re-engage their current customers and gather testimonials for marketing materials.


Because Brosix had a very limited email strategy to begin with, we started from scratch by cleaning and segmenting lists and creating a MailChimp account. Once the initial setup was complete, we created an email sequence consisting of five emails spanning a four month timeframe. Using HTML emails, we delivered targeted content that included blog posts, videos, and how-to guides in order to keep our current customers engaged and interacting with the brand.

In addition to sending valuable content in HTML emails, we also used Plain Text emails to inquire about customer’s experience with Brosix’s service. A plain text email is basically an email without all the bells and whistles of an HTML email – meaning it is void of any images, videos, or buttons. Plain Text emails appear more personal and typically come from an employee’s personal email address. This strategy helps the customer feel valued and cared for.


Through this customer nurturing email sequence we were able to create an email strategy that Brosix can utilize throughout the future to engage and strengthen their relationship with their customers. With this sequence, we saw open rates double the industry average of 13.44% and click-through rates surpass the list average by 5.4%. In addition, we received about fifty positive customer testimonials to utilize in marketing materials. Brosix was extremely happy with their boost in engagement levels and were also flattered to receive such positive feedback about their services.

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