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Services Used

  • Web Dev
  • CRO

The Challenge

Often times, in our marketing world, we will put together a phenomenal plan for a service with no loose ties. However, the last frontier is improving the actual website or web experience. This can be overlooked sometimes, and our development and design team is here to make sure it’s at the forefront.

Bad Apple Digital had a great plan for our PR/influencer/social services, but the page to put this plan into place was below par. They assigned our team with the task of following the brand, improving on it, and most importantly convert users into their “Creative Consultation” funnel.

With the existing page falling VERY short, it was a challenge for our team to start from scratch.

The Strategy

We took a very modern approach to NAPS’ website. We saw that the full-screen menu trend was working for other clients, so we took an expanded approach where each menu item lists out every page within the site. That way a user can see the entirety of the site in one click.

In addition, we utilized the “card layout” in many places so that users were very clear on where and what to click. This is important when your website involves a variety of avenues to learn more. The content needed to be digestible, so we presented it that way.


  • testing is used to ensure we flex multiple design objectives/strategies


  • conversion rate within the first 3 weeks of deployment

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