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The Power Digital Proven Site Speed Optimization Process

Brands that have worked with Power Digital to optimize their website speed and load times have seen a 50% or more improvement in site speed metrics. When you have a fast website you also see:

Sitewide Ranking Improvement
Conversion Improvement for all Channels
Bounce Rate Decrease
Better User Experience
More Efficient Paid Campaigns
Improved Overall User Experience
Improved Mobile Experience and Performance Metrics
Less Customer Complaints and Reported Issues

If you are not ready to have us optimize your website and want to learn more about the impact that site speed will have on your business check out this Webinar that will give you all the info you need.

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In This Webinar You’ll Learn:

How Site Speed Affects Your Strategy & Bottom Line

How Your Website Stacks Up

Helpful Site Speed Tools

How To Turn Your Website Into An A+ Player

Real Life Results – How a Faster Website Will Transform Your Online Business

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Our Process for Website Speed Optimizations

Our highly skilled web development team has created a proven, fast, and cost-effective process for completing site speed optimizations for the brands we partner with. We handle the entire process from A to Z and eliminate unnecessary elements on your site that could be slowing down your page load time.

Site Speed Scale

How To Tell How Your Website Stacks Up to the Competitive Landscape

The highest converting websites with the best user experience fall between the A & B range. With our site speed process, we are able to move all of our clients into A & B.

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Are you losing revenue and leads due to slow site speed?

Find out where your site scores by running a speed test on the Site Speed Scale with our free Page Speed Tool.

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We have analyzed thousands of websites and fixed site speed for hundreds of brands and below are some of the biggest technical issues that we have found to cause websites to be slow and have below average site speed.

Site Speed Optimization

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Biggest Impact Issues That We See Impacting Website Load Times and Overall Speed:

Defer Parsing of Javascript
Non-Scalable Images
Gzip Compression Not Enabled
Query Strings Not Removed from Static Resources
Inline Small Javascript
Minification of JS, CSS, HTML
Browser Caching Not Enabled

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