Our Approach to Influencer Marketing

As the social media space continues to flourish, the opportunity to work with influencers who have a strong social presence and loyal following has exploded. Social media marketing through influencer outreach has become a form of advertising. Brands have the ability to reach influencers who have engaged audiences that relate directly to their product or service offering. Creating long-term influencer partnerships and tapping into these influencers’ audiences is what we do best.

Brand awareness is only part of what influencers generate. Influencers are content creators. They create images and videos that illustrate their interests on a daily basis. When we work with influencers on Instagram and YouTube, we leverage the videos and images they share about our clients across all digital marketing channels, from organic social, to paid social, and even email. The complete package when working with influencers is brand awareness plus high-quality content.

Core Channels

We use hard numbers and data to evaluate an influencer’s audience to authenticate their following so we know we are making a smart investment. We look at following size, engagement rate, product market fit for the influencer and their audience, as well as caption and content quality before initiating a partnership. We then track our initiatives with insights from Google Analytics to see how the partnership is moving the needle and driving revenue.

We break down influencers into tiers and have found our sweet spot: the micro-influencer. While we work with influencers of all sizes and can do so for your brand, we’ve found that on Instagram and YouTube, micro-influencers have the highest engagement rates and have cultivated a tight community that they engage with and have influence over. There’s more to influencer marketing than seeking maximum reach, because that comes with a heavy price tag.

Our Approach

Our Process

We have a proprietary influencer database, Dexter, with thousands of influencers in the women’s and men’s lifestyle, food, beauty, fashion, outdoors, and even pet spaces. With hundreds of established relationships ready to tap into at any time, our outreach is efficient and successful. We have fine-tuned our process to know when an influencer has an authentic and legitimate audience so you’re not wasting marketing dollars on someone who won’t convert.

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Our Influencer Database: Dexter

Whether on YouTube, Instagram, or both, our influencer marketing team crafts the perfect lineup of influencers with highly-engaged audiences who fit the client’s brand voice, niche, and aesthetic, and craft a strategy that aligns with the client’s goals and KPIs.

Our influencer database is a proprietary software with thousands of influencers that can be easily refined to create lists of influencers. Rather than starting from ground zero and identifying influencers through Instagram and YouTube research, we expedite this process with our database of influencers who are all previously vetted and can be easily sorted by gender, niche, sponsored fee, social channel, and reach.

Our database brings your business:

Better results. After working on dozens of campaigns, we know which influencers drive the rest results and revenue for your business
Faster turnaround times. Our campaigns get up and running week one so you can get results faster
Affordability. We identify the perfect influencers for your brand quickly, without having to do manual research

Outreach & Launch

Our influencer marketing team knows how to hone in on story angles for each influencer that will excite and compel them to participate in campaigns. We handle everything from facilitating campaign agreements with participation guidelines and key messaging to securing coverage.

Cross-Channel Integration

It doesn’t stop there! We make sure to leverage all secured coverage within our social media, paid social, and email campaigns.

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