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Full Service Email Marketing Agency

Campaign Strategy Development

Effective email marketing campaigns begins with the end goal in mind, we create a
powerful subscriber journey that’s brand-centric and results-driven. Just as good as word-of mouth advertising, just done online.

  • Onboarding & Welcome
  • Nurturing & Engagement
  • Customer Journey & Product Mapping
  • Promotional & Transactional
  • Automated Drip
  • Re-Engagement
  • Abandoned Cart & Trigger Campaigns
  • Post-Purchase
  • Win-Back

Content Creation & Design

With a knack for creative email template design and a talent for building out compelling content, we reach your target audience, at the right time, with the right message.

  • Informational
  • Product/Service Focused
  • Newsletter & Digest
  • Transactional & Sales
  • Timely & Relevant
  • Personal & Targeted

Email Marketing Campaign Execution & Automation

We put innovative ideas into action through email campaigns that are visible, measurable, and
scalable. Effective marketing automation can get messy. Our email marketing agency will
take care of the hard part, so you don’t have to:

  • Campaign & Sequence Mapping
  • Workflow Execution & Implementation
  • List Segmentation
  • Suppression & Targeting

Monitoring & Reporting

We monitor behavior, focus on key performance indicators, rely on hard numbers, and report on the metrics you care about.

  • Open Rate
  • Click Through Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Revenue
  • Engagement
  • Unsubscribe Rate

Testing & Optimization

Data doesn’t lie. That’s why we test everything and optimize based on facts, not assumptions. (We’ll spare you the cliche).

  • Short copy vs. Long copy
  • Copy & Messaging
  • Subject Lines
  • Image vs. text
  • Day & Time of Sending
  • Call-To-Action Links
  • Template Designs

Email List Management

Not all subscribers are created equal. We send targeted campaigns to segmented email lists so that each subscriber receives high-value, hyper-relevant content.

  • Nurture & Engage
  • Identify & Qualify
  • Segment & Target
  • Streamlining & Clean Up Automation


"Ever since I partnered up with Power Digital, our email marketing revenue has grown tremendously - with email revenue increasing 10,000% YoY."
- Owner & CEO


Connect With Your Customers

Did you know that there are 3 times more email accounts than there are Facebook & Twitter accounts combined?
No other digital marketing channel has as wide a reach as email.
Multi-channel marketing that syncs your email campaigns with other marketing efforts.

Deliver Value

The Average person receives a staggering 92 emails a day!
What are you doing to stand out your customer's inbox?

Drive Revenue

Email is arguably the most profitable marketing channel out there. In fact, it brings in $40 for every $1 spent! We dare you to try to name another marketing channel with such astounding ROI.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Audit

How well are your email efforts performing?
Our email marketing audit will identify what areas have the greatest opportunity for growth.

We craft a custom, targeted strategy focused on customer lifetime value and your bottom line.

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