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Your website is the single most important tool for communicating your brand to the masses and acquiring new clients, customers and business partners. It must be able to engage visitors and make them take actions that convert into revenue. Attention must be given to your business objectives in order to make a website that reflects your brand while also allowing it to grow.

At Power Digital Marketing, we provide high-quality web design services that communicate your business’s message flawlessly. We pride ourselves on creating websites that not only blow people’s minds but also allow for maximum conversion of visitors. Proper web design and development services provide the foundation for a strong online presence and creates an avenue for online success. We build visually appealing, comprehensive and easy-to-manage CMS enabled web sites, rich media sites, and e-commerce stores that will allow your business to grow and gain profitability. We work with you to understand your company goals and industry as a whole to build a website with strong conversion that engages visitors from beginning to end.

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John SaundersDirector of Web Development
Fully Detailed Builds
At Power Digital, it is critical that our web dev services deliver websites and pages that fit the highest quality techniques in today's development industry. No flaws, no discrepancies. Complete builds down to the last pixel.
Comprehensive CMS Design
What's most important to you, the customer looking for a website? Whether it is design, functionality, or organization, we tie all three together to make sure your website is delivered in an easy to use fashion.
Tailored Solutions
Our creative development department has extreme depth into different industries, giving us a leg up on the competition. There's no business too small or too big for us to work with, we adapt with great style.

For Results


When working on a new site we begin with an in-depth analysis of your competitors, digging into industry leaders. With a better understanding of your business goals and design preferences we are able to begin to layout the scope of the project. 

On top of our initial analysis, every website starts with assessing the amount of innovation we can include in the build. Website practices change every minute, which makes it vital to stay current with new trends and technologies.

Detail Planning

As we move forward with development we take all the data from discovery and research, applying it to all aspects of the project moving forward. When creating a plan for site development we work to ensure that the project timeline accurately reflects the delivery date. This guarantees that when your site goes live any bugs, problems, or design changes are resolved.

Visual Design

During the design phase of the project we will be sharing a number of mock ups, wireframes, style guides, and animation guides for your review that all fit within the overall design theme of the site. As we lay the site groundwork we put a large focus on optimizing the site to convert visitors while creating a great user experience.


The development phase takes great care and finesse. We stand out from other web design agencies as we remain transparent throughout the whole process, sharing our changes and progress as the project goes from start to finish.

We employ strong security packages, interactive annotation software, and instantaneous revision request compliances with every build. While it sounds complicated, these steps are taken to ensure your website building process is smooth and safe.


Once the website has been developed, it is released for testing and Q&A where we seek the final client approval. At this point, revisions will be made in this fine tuning process. Further instruction on website maintenance and CMS usability will be given to your team at this time. From the time of launch, we will work with your team to create and enact an ongoing website maintenance and future marketing strategy that speaks to your company.


Open source WordPress is the most popular online publishing platform, currently powering more than 20% of the web. With WordPress, we’re able to produce our best work, using custom templates and designs in a free reign space. Overall, the WordPress.com network welcomes more than 409 million people viewing more than 15.5 billion pages each month. Their users publish about 41.7 million new posts and leave 60.5 million new comments each month.

Magento offers flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions designed to help you grow and succeed online. Our cost-effective technology platform makes it possible for you to control the content, functionality, and look and feel of your online store. Magento also offers support, services, and training to help ensure your success. Their network of partners and certified developers offer expertise and resources to help design, build, and host your store. And partners also offer thousands of apps and extensions to help you add custom features and functionality. Ultimately, their eCommerce platform provides your online business with all of the essential tools to elevate your business.

When Unbounce launched in August 2009, landing pages were little more than a marketing buzzword. Unbounce has pushed landing pages into the mainstream by empowering marketers to quickly build, publish & A/B test without I.T. bottlenecks. Today, they continue to help businesses create better marketing experiences by improving what is already the world’s fastest and most customizable landing page builder.

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