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The Power of Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is one of the most powerful things you can implement to enable your sales team to focus their efforts on leads that are most likely to convert. For B2B companies, lead scoring completely transforms their efficiency and helps close the gap between marketing and sales.


Lead Scoring + Your Business

Integrating lead scoring into your marketing and sales strategy is the key to setting your sales team up for success from day one. We all know how frustrating it can be to chase down a prospect only to find it’s not the right time, they don’t have the right budget or it’s simply not the right fit. With a comprehensive lead scoring system in place you you can better understand prospects level of interest and where they are at in the buyer’s journey. This empowers your sales team with the data they need to understand which prospects are not only highly engaged, but are the right fit.

  • 61% of marketers find generating high-quality leads their biggest challenge
  • 84% of companies using a CRM have lead scoring in place
  • 67% of lost sales come from reps not properly qualifying their prospects
  • 61% of marketers send all leads to sales but only 27% are qualified
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How Exactly Does Lead Scoring Work?

Lead scoring allows you to assign a value (either negative or positive) to each action a prospect takes. This can be as simple as viewing a page on your site to filling out a form. Every interaction they have with your content – whether it be site content or email- can be tracked and tied their lead score.

Key Lead Scoring Triggers:

It’s important to customize your lead scoring to your business and the unique buyer’s journey. Taking full inventory of your overall marketing strategy and each step in the funnel is essential to crafting a strong lead scoring plan.  Below are some of the most common categories of lead scoring. Keep in mind that each CRM typically lets you assign the value and weight to each of these:

  • Form Submission
  • Page View
  • Email Open
  • Page Visits
  • Budget
  • Job Type
  • Location
  • Source

Why You Should Implement Lead Scoring

Lead scoring can help increase your sales team’s efficiency and work to close the gap between marketing and sales. This marketing tactic is an essential part of automating your marketing to work for your sales team and your bottom line. Give your top leads to your highest producing sales people and nurture lower level leads with the information they need to take the next step.

Your Sales Team’s Time is Valuable. Let them focus on closing… We’ll drive the Leads!

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