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As the web’s landscape continues to change or evolve and as companies and industries arise from seemingly nowhere, those in digital marketing must adapt accordingly. Thanks to the rise of social media and SEO, digital marketers have a whole host of tools at their disposal in order to reach and pursue new customers. It should be no surprise that each industry poses its own set of marketing challenges and obstacles that must be dealt with in order to achieve success, and that is especially true in the world of cryptocurrencies.

This is especially true in that the crypto world is relatively young with Bitcoin’s creation not occurring until 2009. Because of this, many are still trying to understand the risks and benefits belying the structure. Further, thanks to the decentralized nature of blockchain cryptocurrency, many in the marketing world have found themselves at a loss, unsure of how to attack such a nebulous behemoth. Rest assured, it can be done, just simply not by traditional means.

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Important Marketing Channels For The Cryptocurrency Industry

Below you will find potential marketing solutions or end-around to the problems discussed briefly above.

Utilize Social Media

Although you can not advertise directly on FB, what you can do is work with social media influencers. Those influencers that are well known within the crypto and tech worlds can organically post. Thanks to their social reach and influence, they can boost the post and send the message to however thousands or millions of followers they have. Twitter has become a huge resource and information disseminator for those interested in the day to day movement and speculation within cryptos. Many get their information about market trends and different currencies via Twitter. With Twitter’s AdWords, you can create a campaign targeting this market.

Aggregator Sites

One of the most prominent outlets and places of gathering for discussion regarding cryptos takes place online on sites such as Reddit, Telegram, and Discord. On Reddit, many of the individual coins have their own subreddits meant to discuss that specific coin. These are open forums where people can gather information, so it is vital to contact and work with influencers from those spaces. Their ideas, reviews, analysis and other posts can sway minds and opinions. If you wish to do this and leave a positive reinforcement of your company, it is essential that you are extremely open about sharing the goals of the company and transparent with the roadmap.  


Adding content and SEO focused articles and information to a company’s site is a fantastic way to help you educate potential customers as well as rank high in Google’s search algorithm. These posts need to be very informative and must clearly lay out a roadmap for how that currency will function. They should also point out potential challenges and hurdles and how you plan on facing them. Link building is another fantastic SEO strategy and a great way for your company to show up for non-branded terms and get in front of people who have never heard of you.

PR & Outreach

There are a variety of cryptocurrency outlets that can advocate on your behalf, especially since they are further along in the process, relatively speaking. Every brand needs a good representative, partnering with those who have already established credibility is an easy way to boost your own brand’s reputation and presence.

YouTube Advertising

Cryptocurrency reviews are a popular channel, and you can really drill into your target demographics on YouTube. If you have the assets and the skillset, video marketing is a fantastic way to reach customers. By creating regular content such as brand videos, informational videos, product reviews, or testimonials on the crypto industry, you can build a following and a reputation within the YouTube cryptocurrency community. If you create a solid, informative video, there is a good chance it gets shared elsewhere be it on Twitter or in one of the aggregators mentioned above.  

Marketing For Emerging Crypto Brands vs. Established Crypto Brands

As you might imagine, there are different goals and approaches required based on how proven that brand is.

Emerging Brand

For new emerging cryptocurrencies, the goal is proving that your coin or token is legit and backed by a reliable product. Your message aims to convince people why they should invest in you and why they should feel confident doing so. This includes sharing your plan, your goals, roadmap, and any expected challenges. Anyone who invests in this will be taking a risk, so the voice that speaks to the audience should know what they are talking about, connect with the audience and already have established credibility within the Crypto world.

Established Brand

If you are working for an established cryptocurrency brand such as one of the significant coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Dash, the goal is to further create authority within the community. This includes being responsive to customers and their complaints and showcasing that you are still keeping up with the ever-changing playing field. At this level, thought leadership goes a long way and spurring innovation is one of the best ways to keep your brand’s name in the conversation. Consider ways to be proactive in a space that is so new and under such constant change.

Into The Future

If you are marketing for either an established or an emerging cryptocurrency brand, you will no doubt face a variety of different challenges along the way. The fact that this tech is less than a decade old means that there is no proven method. Combine this with the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, and you will likely have to flex your creative muscles. Where possible, utilize social media, brand influencers, aggregator websites, and SEO content creation.  

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