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What are we referring to when we say “customer insights”?

Consumer insights provide a deeper understanding of your audience which leads to marketing on a more direct and personal level. Businesses today must gather such consumer insights in order to strategize and implement effective marketing strategies with high returns on investment (ROI). These strategies can apply to how products and services are presented to consumers as well as to the development of the products and services themselves. Consumer insights can also help companies to identify new problems the company can solve with additional product or service offerings.

The potential power of “applied customer insights” is most often realized only when strategically operationalized with a goal of improving profitability and customer retention.

In fact, 60% of business-to-business (B2B) marketers attributed sales increases of 11-50% to marketing analytics in 2016.

At Power Digital Marketing we know that understanding your customer is critical to the growth of your business and can help you break through the noise to your best purchasing audience.


While we’re on that note… what is “persona marketing”?

Similarly, persona marketing is based on designing buyer journeys for your prospects by categorizing them into semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers, known as personas. It is a technique for businesses to be able to better relate to their key buyers and deliver better-tuned marketing content and messaging.

The facts prove how effective buyer personas and strategies can be.

For instance, 71% of companies who exceed revenue and lead goals have documented personas while behaviorally targeted ads are twice as effective as non-targeted ads.

If you want to grow your business, you must know who your customer is and what they need. We understand this to be a crucial factor of success for growing businesses and have an extensive track record of using these strategies to help brands like you.


So, how do we craft your customer personas?

Through a careful process, we learn about your products, services, and company overall. By meticulously researching your brand, we are able to define and refine your personas using customer insights. The process looks like this:


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How do we use these personas to improve marketing efforts?

Once your personas have been created, we will help you take your marketing strategy to the next level by developing targeted messaging for each persona. Specifically, we’ll help with the following:

Your Customer Insights Professionals

Why should you care?

As a brand, you will fall behind your competitors if you are not paying attention to your customers or doing your due diligence when it comes to customer experience strategy and persona development.

All of your competitors are already integrating this research process into their marketing strategies.

In fact, competitors you don’t even know exist yet could be pulling ahead by developing targeted marketing strategies.

If you are ready to take your success into your own hands and launch the growth of your brand, contact us for an audit to get started. What are you waiting for?


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