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Bringing The Sowden House Experience Online

The Sowden House website was, let’s just say, … archaic. Our job was to go in, brand it with something new, create an interactive experience, and make it easy for people to contact them in high volume. A project like this takes a ton of custom work, new effects (see hero of main page) and a creative outlook on the final product … from the beginning.

What we did

  • Custom Logo Design
  • Scrolling Animation Effects
  • Full Screen Menu Functionality


Our biggest challenge was making sure the house was represented in the right light. That took optimizing and editing photos, theming them with a grain filter, and placing them strategically within the site’s different corners. We also had to incorporate a 3D tour, scrolling animations, and a custom pop up form with integrated CRM.


For The Sowden House, we took inspiration from 50’s film noire, The Great Gatsby, and even ancient egypt. Our client was very particular about the style of our lines and elements as it was to resemble Frank Lloyd Wright’s style used on the actual house. You will see the logo resembles the outer edge of the opening of the house, and our background elements derive from the front gate.

This project was made to be interesting, so that’s what we strived for with the website. It’s compact yet elegant and breathing, with a touch of elegance and sophistication. All within only 6 pages!


CSS Winner

The Sowden House website was awarded a Star by CSS Winner.

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