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Cross-channel Digital Marketing Strategy for NAPS International

NAPS is a B2B client whose main focus was maintaining their industry-leading positioning within Google’s organic search results. Although NAPS was dominating the SERPs, their competitors were not far behind – many were undertaking extensive SEO initiatives in order to improve their rankings.

The Results

25.18%increase in new users Year over Year

155.91%increase in conversion rate

172.92%increase in leads/conversions


NAPS began to notice that the significant gap in the SERPs between themselves and their competitors was decreasing.

NAPS wanted to drive more leads through their website in order to increase their overall sales volume and bottom line. When NAPS first approached Power Digital, their conversion rate was very low, with many visitors entering and leaving the site without taking any sort of desired action. While conversion rates were low on both desktop and mobile devices, we noticed a significantly lower rate on mobile devices than on desktops.

Because NAPS’ website already had high usage rates (mainly from internal and client portals within the site), we wanted to increase conversions and traffic from new users that have not previously been to the website.


In order to meet our goals, we used a cross-channel approach consisting of SEO, PR, Web Development, and CRO.

First, we revised their indexing strategy through on-page SEO to target higher volume and more relevant keywords as well as all the keywords the site already ranked for.

In addition to revising the indexing strategy for top pages, we also created resource-driven content to give website visitors more information regarding the services and business benefits surrounding moving manufacturing locations to Mexico. This resource content was structured to provide information that business/corporate decision makers would need to decide to move manufacturing locations and utilize a company such as NAPS to streamline these initiatives.

Because high volume search terms were more competitive, we applied an off-page SEO strategy consisting of online PR and SEO outreach to build links not only to the home page, but the top service pages that were targeting the higher volume and more competitive terms. This increased the authority of these pages and allowed these pages to rank better for the higher volume, more competitive terms that would drive a higher lead volume.

Even though the website was acquiring more traffic, we identified the need to make structural improvements to the website in order to increase conversion rate and ultimately conversions.

We used CRO/behavior analysis software to see how users were interacting with the website and identify areas of improvement. We were able to identify new strategies to convert desktop users at a higher rate, yet the website was not responsive, requiring a separate mobile strategy.

Lastly, we developed a mobile-specific website with strategic site architecture to drive more conversions from mobile users.


The results we saw from this comprehensive strategy allowed for significant improvement in rankings, traffic, the client’s sales funnel, and ultimately, bottom line.

Organic traffic increased significantly, yet due to the usage of their website for internal and client portals, we assessed performance in terms of new users to the website.

We saw a drastic improvement in new visitors, which can be attributed to an increase in rankings for higher volume, qualified keywords. This was accomplished by driving more traffic through the top category pages and then providing a more resourceful user experience due to supplemental resource content.

Additionally, conversion rates for both desktop and mobile increased drastically. Prior to the strategy execution, mobile conversion rates were dismal compared to desktop conversion rates, yet after strategy execution, the mobile conversion rate improved to exceed the desktop conversion rate. This reinforced the conversion-oriented mobile website structure.

Overall, the combination of these strategies resulted in immense growth in online leads as well as stronger improvement in ROI for the client.

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