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One Month

The Challenge

One Month is an online school dedicated to helping tech entrepreneurs gain the skills to develop and grow their business. With courses ranging from everything from building an app to product management One Monthโ€™s instructors bring their real-world experience at companies like Vimeo, Etsy, and more to each course. Aptly named, One Month was founded on the premise that users can acquire a new skill in one month working through a series of online video at their own pace with the support of their instructor and an online community.

  • -28.7%Bounce Rate
  • +11.04New Sessions

The Strategy

Working with One Month, we were able to improve their overall technical SEO strategy to support and bolster current rankings while identifying areas of opportunity for both new and existing One Month courses. Our SEO and Content Marketing strategy were centered around bringing in highly qualified traffic that would ultimately drive more conversions. With this in mind, we targeted long-tail keywords that would bring qualified users to the site.

Using a similar strategy across all content we created, we sought to position One Month as a resource in the space by addressing the questions their target audience was asking. A highly efficient brand introducer, these users were then remarketed with relevant course offerings that matched their interests.

Services Used

  • Content
  • SEO
  • PR/Outreach


Through this targeted SEO strategy we were able to curb off 6-month trend of decreased organic traffic and level out our organic growth. Additionally, with a decrease in bounce rate reflected our success in bringing more qualified users to the site through highly targeted long-tail keywords. This also allowed us to increase the number of new users coming to the site which is paramount for a subscription based site that sees a large amount of returning visitors but was looking to bring more users into the funnel.
  • Testimonial

    โ€œPower Digital is one of the most professional and hard-working agencies I've ever worked with. They were great about setting and reporting against metrics that aligned with our real business objectives. They were literally working for us at all hours of the day. They had great and knowledgeable experts on staff do to basically anything we asked them to do. And best of all, they produced results. We would definitely work with them again.โ€ Mattan Griffel, Co-founder & CEO, One Month