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Services Used

  • Web Development and Design
  • CRO
  • SEO Migration
  • Content

The Challenge

Sycuan Casino’s website was a bit out of date, and with their vast promotions and branding, the site became cluttered. The challenge was to find a solid direction for their branding across the website, while still displaying their promotions in a neat manner. In addition, we strived to create a user experience that would benefit Sycuan and their members from a conversion perspective and ability to navigate through information.

The Strategy

With Sycuan, our main strategy stemmed from their approach to a new brand in 2018. They have large ambitions, new property, and a desire to bring their brand into a more cohesive, modern light.

Our approach was to consolidate everything, apply a similar brand experience to every aspect of the site (dining, casino games, events, etc.) but allow for the promotional aspects and differences to shine through. This took design expertise and the ability to see where things fit and do not fit.

The site itself was not small, and their various endeavors required us to create a logical and friendly backend experience for their staff. We turned what was a basic WordPress site into a fully fledged, high scale, corporate entity of Sycuan, one of the biggest casinos in Southern California.


  • designed and developed page templates


  • improvement in overall site speed

The Results

  • Optimal user experience
  • Improved backend management of Sycuan’s various ventures
  • Successful SEO migration of all pages
  • Better load times influencing higher rankings on Google
  • Established new branding in 2018
  • Seamless launch with 0 downtime and responsive results

Overall, the combination of these strategies resulted in a better, more professional web entity for Sycuan Casino.

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