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Services Used

  • Paid Media
  • SEO
  • Content
  • Outreach

The Challenge

soccerloco is a leading national retailer of soccer gear. With an amazing brand and quality of product, they sought to drive more highly qualified traffic to their site and increase conversions. Looking to greatly increase online revenue, we worked to best leverage both organic and paid opportunities within the ecommerce space.

The Strategy

Once diving into the account, we noticed several challenges soccerloco faced in generating non-branded revenue. With the goal of building a long-term, sustainable foundation for traffic and revenue growth, we started by focusing on the organic channel that presented several challenges in terms of their indexing, content and outreach strategies. We broke this down to the studs by completely revamping their entire indexing strategy to be much more competitive and devised a new content strategy that provided them with a competitive advantage over the industry’s other large retailers.

To further bolster our SEO efforts and build the thought leadership of the brand, we focused heavily on outreach generating at least 10 high quality PR placements online per month. The paid search channel also presented great opportunity as well, and to ensure the best return we focused on selling high value items through traditional paid text ads and PLA ads on Google’s shopping feed.


  • organic revenue growth


  • ROI on search & outreach


  • revenue year over year

The Results

In the first month of revising their indexing strategy alone, we saw a 15% increase in conversion rate that resulted in a 29% increase in transactions and a 42% increase in revenue. In the most recent full year, with continued growth of the organic channel due to our SEO and outreach efforts, we achieved a 218% increase in traffic and 269% increase in revenue year over year.

These organic search results generated a 696% ROI on their organic search and outreach services. Switching gears to the paid channel, we immediately took negative ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) campaigns to provide a positive ROAS within a matter of weeks. Power Digital’s continued efforts in growing these channels has allowed us to consistently generate at least 100% increases revenue each year we have worked with soccerloco.

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