Reinvigorating the Online Identity for the Industry-Leader in Manufacturing in Mexico, NAPS

North American Production Sharing, Inc. (NAPS) specializes in outsourced administrative and compliance management services that ensure long-term success for companies manufacturing in Mexico.

The Results

43New keywords have moved to page 1 since the new website’s launch

19Keywords have moved to position 1 since the website’s launch

90thPercentile for site speed


NAPS spent a ton of time managing both a desktop site (that was unreliable) and a mobile site. This caused them to have issues on two sites, while essentially trying to just have one instance that could get the job done.

On top of that, the NAPS UX was proving to not convert users into their funnel paths. Our job was to make the experience more sophisticated and directed at specific user behavior.

Furthermore, we designed NAPS’ backend to be more manageable so their team could easily jump in and make updates to design, content, and structure of the site.


We took a very modern approach to NAPS’ website. We saw that the full-screen menu trend was working for other clients, so we took an expanded approach where each menu item lists out every page within the site. That way a user can see the entirety of the site in one click.

In addition, we utilized the “card layout” in many places so that users were very clear on where and what to click. This is important when your website involves a variety of avenues to learn more. The content needed to be digestible, so we presented it that way.


  • NAPS new website loads in under 3 seconds
  • SEO value has grown exponentially with the transition from a mobile site to a responsive website
  • CSSDA Best in UI Winner
  • CSSDA Best in UX Winner
  • NAPS’ website was nominated for SOTD on CSS Winner
  • NAPS’ website was nominated for SOTD on Awwwards
  • NAPS’ website was nominated for SOTD on CSSDA Winner


Overall, the combination of these strategies resulted in immense growth in online leads as well as stronger improvement in ROI for the client.

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