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Services Used

  • Social Media
  • Email

The Challenge

Recently a client that sells consumer goods online approached Power Digital Marketing with two goals in mind: increase brand awareness online and drive more revenue through the site. Working hand-in-hand with the client’s team and e-commerce accelerator AddShoppers, we were able to increase revenues, new sessions, and conversion rates with a single sale over social and email.

The Strategy

Before we dive into our solution, we want to make one thing clear: when this client first came to us, they already had an impressive following and therefore, an equally impressive conversion rate. However, we wanted to improve these metrics even further, which is how we first came up with the idea of a “Mystery Sale”.

After just a few months of working with the client, our social and email marketing teams collaborated to create and promote a one-day “Mystery Sale” for our client’s customers. Using AddShoppers’ Behavioral Targeting technology, we created a custom modal that only appeared when someone clicked through an email or social post. We developed and uploaded 2,000 coupon codes with discounts ranging from 10% to 50% off that would appear in the customer’s browser once they visited the website.

However, customers didn’t know how much their activation code was worth until they began the checkout process. We relied quite a bit on the theory of escalation of commitment here, meaning we were hoping that because shoppers took the time to load up their cart, they would still complete the purchase once they discovered how much their activation code was worth.


  • Increase in Sessions


  • Increase in Conversion Rate


  • Increase in Revenue

The Results

And so the theory rang true! Compared to an average sale, we increased sessions by 74%, conversion rates by 81% and revenues by 224%. We also saw dramatic improvements in our email click-through-rate – an increase of 5.3%. Our social metrics weren’t too shabby either: We saw Facebook traffic spike by nearly 30% and overall social revenue from this one-day sale accounted for 9.66% of all social revenue generated that month.

These numbers just go to show that with a little bit of mystery, a whole lot of collaboration, and utilization of some awesome tools, you can successfully conduct a quick flash sale with a lot on the line (as far as a big reward goes) and drive record-breaking numbers to the site.

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