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Showing Results: How We Increased the Online Presence for hide.me VPN

Hide.me is a global high-bandwidth, privacy-centric online protection service that believes everyone deserves privacy on the internet.

The Results

+494%growth in Organic Search Revenue YOY

+530%growth in New Users YOY

+567%growth in Organic Visits YOY

+470%ROI on their Organic Search & Outreach services


Hide.me approached Power Digital Marketing with two primary goals: increase Organic Search traffic and increase Organic Search Revenue in the most cost-effective fashion. Working hand-in-hand with their team overseas, we were able to massively increase Revenue, New Users, and Traffic from the Organic Search channel.


As a relatively new player in the internet privacy space and competitors with extremely well funded paid advertising programs, hide.me had some major competitive hurdles to overcome in 2015. At onset of our marketing strategy, we realized vast majority of hide.me’s hundreds of thousands monthly Organic Search visits were targeted specifically to a single page across their entire website. We utilized a multi-tiered approach to bring new traffic to the site by focusing on the Organic Search channel and our Organic reach for Non-Branded terms beyond their biggest earning page.

We found the greatest impact was realized through a hyper-focused SEO indexing strategy that involved on-page changes, competitive analysis through our SEO Forensics process, and outreach generating high quality PR placements online every month.


In the first three months, we realized modest gains to Organic Visits, New Users, and Revenue. After 90 days of driving an improved on-page indexing strategy for nearly every page across hide.me, we began to see our results skyrocket! In the ten months of 2015 that we worked with the client, when compared to the same period of time the previous year, we realized a 567% increase to Organic Site Visits, 530% increase in New Users, and a 494% increase in Organic Search Revenue. Additionally, we saw significant gains in the Non-Branded Organic channel to pages other than their #1 earning page. Non-Branded Organic visits improved 364%, New Users improved 325%, and Revenue increased 484% year over year for pages all pages outside of their #1 earning page.

These Organic Search results generated roughly a 470% ROI on their Organic Search and Outreach services. With continual growth to Revenue and Organic Traffic each month, we expect to continue to see the numbers for hide.me rise.

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