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Creating a Brand New Online Experience for Charter Trucks

Charter Trucks is a family-owned business that specializes in selling quality, pre-owned equipment such as trucks, trailers, and machinery across North America.

The Results

386Ranking keywords, up from just 5

25%Of leads coming directly from new site within first month, up from 2%


When Charter Trucks first approached Power Digital Marketing, they were handcuffed to a large ad platform called Truck Papers. This prevented the folks at Charter Trucks from accessing important metrics, gaining visibility, or having any control over their website. Of course, this was the industry standard at the time – very few truck retailers had their own websites outside of Truck Papers.

Charter Trucks wanted to change this. We helped Charter Trucks take business offline to online by building a fully-optimized website that put the company ahead of the industry. The creation of the Charter Trucks website was the first step in changing the way people buy trucks.


One of the most important things that the founder of Charter Trucks emphasized was that they wanted to create a user-friendly site that would allow him to tell the Charter Truck story his way. From wire-framing to design, we wanted to make sure that the website had the personality, values and messaging they wanted to get across to their customers. We also wanted to ensure that once the site was launched everyone on the Charter Trucks team would know how to update and manage this new asset of theirs. Therefore, our web developer worked very closely with our SEO department as well as the Charter Trucks team while organizing inventory categories, designing page layouts, developing the site, and building out the backend.

The site structure, in particular, was a major collaboration point between our web development and SEO teams. To see SEO success, we had to ensure that the categories were set up correctly. Both departments spent hours strategizing the most efficient, functional, and SEO-friendly way to organize the site. Once the site structure was determined, we needed to devise a CRO strategy for actually driving inquiries through the site, whether it be through a contact form, a request for more information, booking a test drive, or making an offer. We had to figure out how we wanted to track conversions and what conversions we wanted to track, and then integrate it into Google Analytics.

To ensure that we were getting the most powerful insights out of these conversions as possible, we implemented an Advanced Inquiry Mailing System, which will tell us exactly what truck a user was looking at when they filled out a form.

What people are saying
Shaw Kobre, Marketing Director of Charter Trucks
“In our business, the testament to a successful marketing effort is whether the phone is ringing. We are able to track our calls and prior to our website only 2% of our phone activity was coming from a source other than an industry marketing company. In the first month after launching, 25% of our calls are now coming as a direct result of chartertrucks.com. With Power Digital’s help, we have exceeded our yearly goals in the first month.”
Shaw Kobre, Marketing Director of Charter Trucks
What people are saying


Through innovative processes and strong cross-departmental collaboration, our team was able to provide Charter Trucks with a fully-optimized website that effectively told their story and drove conversions. Charter Trucks grew from only ranking for five keywords on the Truck Papers platform to ranking for 386 on their own website. Not only did this help them gain visibility in their industry, but resulted in exponentially more conversions. In fact, after launching the new site, Charter Trucks received the same amount of calls in one week as they usually do in one month. The results were visible offline too as someone even walked into their shop with a listing from their site printed out – this had never happened before!

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