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Influencer Marketing Mother’s Day Campaign for Bouquet Bar

Power Digital client Bouquet Bar, a luxury gift retailer, came to us with a desire to increase their website traffic and revenue while generating high-resolution assets for influencer, pay-per-click (PPC), and paid social advertisements. As a brand that makes custom, luxury gifts including floral arrangements and other items like snacks and bath bombs, Bouquet Bar emphasized that Mother’s Day is an important time of year for them. Typically, the holiday is one of their busiest times of year and they see significant increases in revenue throughout the weeks leading up to it.


What we wanted to achieve

  • Increase website traffic and revenue
  • Build brand awareness
  • Generate content from influencers that could be repurposed for organic and paid social advertisements

The Results

$3.6KTotal Revenue Driven

3Pieces of YouTube Coverage

62KYouTube Video Views

14Pieces of Instagram Coverage


As a result of this emphasis, Bouquet Bar worked with us at Power Digital to strategize a winning campaign centered around the holiday. Influencer marketing is a crucial aspect of the brand’s overall marketing strategy. In the case of Mother’s Day, we decided to focus on YouTube and Instagram as the two primary channels for influencers in the campaign. YouTube was selected due to the high number of direct responses to videos we had seen leading up to the campaign which complemented our goal of increasing conversions and revenue. Instagram, on the other hand, was selected in an effort to generate more organic content from influencers which would then be incorporated into paid marketing campaigns as a creative refresher.


When selecting YouTube influencers to work with, we looked for those focused on a parenting audience. One influencer was a soon-to-be mom and had just announced her pregnancy while two others already had children and are well-known in the YouTube parenting arena with most of their content centered on being a mom. Outside of content focus, the sweet spot for selecting YouTube influencers for the Bouquet Bar campaign were those individual touting 14,000 to 150,000 subscribers with sponsored rates between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars per post. By choosing not to work with macro-influencers, we were about to maintain a small sponsored budget that would still yield a maximum return on investment (ROI).

Power Digital created campaign briefs to send to our selected influencers with key messaging focusing on the interplay between Mother’s Day and Bouquet Bar as the perfect gift. Working with YouTubers, we were able to create original content which would resonate with and appeal to their specific audiences. Further, we generated custom UTM links for every influencer we worked with that they shared within the description of the posted videos or in their Instagram Stories. We were then able to measure the traffic, conversions, and revenue attributed to each in Google Analytics as the end of the campaign to assess direct results.

Finally, we were able to select 14 micro-influencers on Instagram to feature Bouquet Bar in their posts in exchange for free products. Their messaging was focused on referencing Mother’s Day in their captions while describing the Bouquet Bar brand as the perfect luxury Mother’s Day gift that consumers can customize. This group of influencers ranged from mothers who shared content featuring their children, to millennial women that shared content of them gifting a Bouquet Bar product to their own mothers on the holiday.

Leveraging both the video content from YouTube influencers and the image assets from instagram in organic social and paid social campaigns, brought our marketing efforts full circle and tied everything into a complete cross-channel campaign strategy.


As a result of the Mother’s Day campaign, Bouquet Bar saw $3,643.38 in total revenue, both direct and indirect. Any additional revenue and website traffic that came from direct traffic to the Bouquet Bar website, or not via the custom UTM links, did not directly attribute to this revenue number. However, it shows an increase in brand awareness. Further, Bouquet Bar saw 62,039 video views on all YouTube content in which they were featured. The brand was also able to retain the 3 pieces of YouTube coverage and 14 pieces of Instagram content to use of their own accord. Consequently, they were able to generate over 20 new creative assets for use in their own campaign efforts.

By working with Bouquet Bar to understand their overall goals and importance of a Mother’s Day campaign, we at Power Digital were able to devise an effective marketing strategy. An efficient marketing campaign such as this is crucial to many businesses that must maintain budget while still seeing significant results and Power Digital excels in that domain.

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