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Building a Refreshed Online Experience for AuptiX

What we did

  • Menu: unique full-screen menu and sticky left nav bar
  • UX/UI: we wanted the AuptiX site to feel like a control panel to the user, helping them find solutions for LTL, FTL, and beyond


AuptiX was using Squarespace for their website platform, which was debilitating in its SEO and marketing limitations. Squarespace allowed them to create the aesthetic they wanted, but they were limited in what tracking they could implement or goals they could set forth. Our job was to create a custom build that accounted for their marketing every step of the way.

In addition, AuptiX was undergoing a rebranding when we approached their website rebuild. This meant that our redesign would take into account colors, logos, and styles that had never been employed before. The work had to lay a foundation for the brand and exemplify future media for the company.


Our main goal with the AuptiX redesign and rebuild was to showcase the key advantages you get with AuptiX as a shipper or carrier. We split the site into two funnels, one for each persona, that allowed for them to easily find tailored content and solutions. This ultimately will help them convert users more easily as the experience for a user is much more specific and can help them move along quickly. We also wanted to approach it as if we were building the site as a startup (due to the rebranding) in order to give it a fresh look and feel.

Limiting the links and CTAs on the site also helped us prioritize what we and the AuptiX team deemed necessary from a UX perspective. We wanted everything to be direct, simple, and very straightforward to any type of user. We believed someone visiting was much more knowledgeable than a normal consumer/client, so the info needed to drive them to where they already knew where they wanted to go.


  • Moved away from Squarespace and created a custom CMS backend with WordPress
  • Saw an increase in SEO rankings
  • Rid of all limitations to event tracking and analytics
  • Increase in overall conversions

The new Autpix platform is much more sophisticated, strategic, and shows how a rebrand and rebuild can take a business one step up!

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