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A Multi-channel Effort Leading to Multi-channel Wins for The Draw Shop

When The Draw Shop approached Power Digital Marketing they were in need of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy including PR, SEO, Paid Media, and Paid Social. With strong cross-channel communication and innovative processes, we saw huge wins across all channels.

The Results

171%Increase in Organic Search Conversions

279%Increase in Clicks

1.1MUsers Reached in Social Video Funnel

$0.31Cost Per Click


The Draw Shop creates whiteboard-style drawing videos for a variety of uses in many industries including education, sales, training, etc. When they contacted us, they were struggling with gaining brand awareness and were not ranking for qualified, intent-based keywords. We developed an omni-channel approach to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Increase organic traffic, CTR, conversions, and rankings for top qualified terms
  • Improve traffic quality and grow conversions across all channels
  • Increase exposure of video services in different verticals


To solve these problems, we began with a technical SEO audit which guided our strategy.
Lacking a well-researched and intent-based indexing strategy, the client had previously generated traffic from a variety of irrelevant search terms. As such, we focused on revising their indexing strategy through keyword mapping and content optimization. We also performed an in-depth competitive analysis, schema markup strategy to increase CTR and video rankings, and conducted an in-depth page level analysis (SEO forensics) to identify industry trends and further optimize our strategy throughout the campaign.

Although the site already had a high conversion rate, we identified areas of improvement. Using Crazy Egg, we tested our hypothesis and identified CRO opportunities.

Lacking the site metrics to rank organically for the top priority queries, the client struggled to build the brand awareness needed to impact sales. In our PR efforts, we reached out to top-tier outlets to get placements and ultimately links that would increase the site authority in general while also increasing the page authority of target pages.

Our initial Paid Social analysis uncovered that 95% of their Facebook traffic was coming from 18-22 year-olds, which didn’t align with their average customer. We immediately took steps to create a conversion path to drive more qualified users. To create a Lookalike Audience from a strong data source we worked with the client to pull data from the past year’s closed sales and filter out the best leads. Additionally, using a video retargeting sequence to targeted cold traffic with videos by vertical allowed us to attract and retarget users who watched the full video.

Paid search focused on targeting users looking for variations of terms such as “whiteboard marketing videos”, “RSA Animate”, etc. We then utilized a keyword harvesting model using Broad Match Modified and Exact Match Keywords to manage search queries and keywords by type. This helped us manage the relationship between risk and reward.

Because we drove high volumes of traffic from Facebook to the website, we utilized a Retargeting List for Search Ads to increase our competitiveness for high volume keywords.



Organic sessions increased 89.8%, New Users 92.9%, and Organic conversions grew 170.8%!


By prioritizing the changes to the website by impact vs. investment, we were able to make simple tweaks that helped increase conversion rate to over 11% (up 38.27%).


Top tier Placement on Forbes and several others that increased new visitor site traffic and increased conversions. These authoritative placements also brought up the domain authority from 28 to 34.

Paid Social:

As a result, not only did we reach over 1 million (1,098,985) individual users with a video funnel, but we saw a 279% increase in clicks, resulting in a 73% increase in highly qualified leads with an average CPC of $0.31!

Paid Media:

As a result, we’ve consistently become more efficient month-over-month and our CPA has trended down. Additionally, from July 2015 – June 2016, the CPL decreased 11% and highly qualified leads increased 175%!

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