Why Do My Facebook Ads Build Different Engagement Levels?

Dani Paris
By Dani Paris

You set up your paid campaigns, ad sets, and ads – you’ve launched, but you’ve noticed they all have different levels of engagement & actions… so what gives?  This is where the Facebook Dark Post comes into play. The Dark Post allows you to ensure that your ads’ engagement will build holistically.

Ever heard of a Dark Post? If you have and you’re a self learner, you’re probably having a hard time understanding what a dark post really is. I know I personally did after researching multiple blogs, which is why I decided to create a resource to share with you.

As every smart marketer knows, one of the most pivotal pieces of your social strategy is to publish content (both organic & paid) that is specifically designed for your audience.

…That being said, there are times where you might miss the mark or have an ad that’s delivering the wrong message to the right audience…cue that Facebook Dark Post!

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Now the problem there is that without dark posting, the ads will build up different engagement although it looks exactly the same, it’s not operating as the same ad.

…Now the issue here is that this is not a true split test.  

The reason why is that someone could have commented a testimonial that was social proof that your product/service works and it could improve conversion rates for a particular ad set which isn’t giving you the most accurate results of your test.  The same ad could be pointed to a different audience and it converts to sales or leads, but doesn’t drive any engagement.

…Ideally, we want to isolate that variable by using an existing post (aka Dark Post) so you know all the engagement is building together.  

That way, if you’re targeting two different ad sets, you know the same social proof is being distributed to the two different ad sets.  Essentially, it’s merging your ads and serving it as one to numerous audiences.

So how do you set one up? Check out our Facebook Ad Hacks blog post for a quick tutorial on how to create a Facebook Dark Post.

To wrap it up, hopefully you’ve learned about the power of Dark Posts and how to best utilize them to optimize your social strategy.  If you need any additional help understanding Dark Posts or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I would be happy to help you out!

Dani Paris is a Paid Social Account Manager at Power Digital Marketing who works with a variety of clients to optimize and grow their business through social media marketing. With a strong social media marketing background, Dani moved over to the paid social media side to utilize her expertise to create comprehensive, innovative solutions for her clients to maximize profit and brand awareness. In her spare time, she considers herself a travel addict, adventure seeker, nacho lover, cocktail connoisseur, and fitness enthusiast!